Hello Friends, Happy Monday! 
I am back with a brand new outfit for the blog today! I'm so excited because it has been a long time! It is also the first photos I taking with my new box braids hair do! Which I have been wanting to share with you for so long! This outfit is a sneak peak into where I want my blog to go this year! I want my outfits into reflect my African heritage and embrace it in its full fabulousness. This beautiful skirt was tailor made for me and a gift from my cousin in law as a graduation gift. I styled with this black floral top from Madewell and a leather jacket from Zara. I would wear this for a Valentine's Day Dinner, a fashion week event, or a night out with my closest friends! Whatever I do, it makes me proud wear something so special and perfect for me. I also had fun taking photos swinging my braids around in each shot. It something to get used to! LOL!

Outfit Details: ZARA Leather Jacket | Madewell Floral Top (Like this) | Forever 21 Purse| Afro-Bracelets (see here) |

Check Out How I styled this African Skirt here.

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