F*It. Own It. Crush It. Five Business Lessons

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F*It. Own It. Crush It. If you read the title of this post. Don't be deterred cursing will never be part of vocabulary. That was the name of the speaking event I attended on Wednesday night hosted by WornCreative. It was all about the personal accounts  from female leaders share their stories of success and hustle  on their way to the top. I also learned five important business lessons that I could definitely apply to my future business.  The five speakers and leaders in their own right were all inspiring and have very real world experiences. Nicole Aguirre, CEO- Worn, Rachael Glaws, Principal-RGI Events, Komal Kusharaj Founder- NUMARI, Sarah Polon, Founder- Soupergirl,  Shizu Okusa & Jennifer Ngai, Co-Founders- JRINK Juicery

-c/o worn.nyc

I have always had a passion for business. But then life gets in the way, fear of failure, lack of confidence all can deter me from my truest passions and dreams. This event helped me to think practically and realistically about how to deal with the challenges and struggles that business brings.  I  first heard of worn creative three years ago when it was a dc based fashion magazine and then their creative capitol events soon after. Like a loyal fan, I jumped at the chance and immediately signed up for this free event (because first I'm about that free life! LOL) and sent it to my friend, Saumya of Myriad Musings! (thanks for saving my seat! ). These events are always sold out too! I am also impressed how well organized and exciting these events could be.The event  was located in the ISL offices just steps from the Howard Shaw metro and neighborhood and started with the stories of the hustle, the struggles, the lessons and personal experiences of each speaker. Here are the five lessons I learned about being a female entrepreneur and girl bosses running the world!

- c/o worn.nyc 

1. Never let failures/setbacks distract you from what you have accomplished! 
-Nicole Aguirre, CEO- Worn

2. Never downplay the importance of a staffing plan! 
-Sarah Polon, Founder- Soupergirl

3. Stick to your company policies and don't let  other peoples attitudes/opinions stir you away from your passions and goals.  
-Rachael Glaws, Principal-RGI Events

4. Focus on your passions and  your target market.
-Komal Kusharaj Founder- NUMARI

5. Take Calculated Risks and "always have everything down on paper!" 
-Shizu Okusa & Jennifer Ngai, Co-Founders- JRINK Juicery 

Overall it was a fabulous night that inspires, pushes me to be better, work smarter and set dreams on timeline to really make my dreams come true! Check out their website for their summary of the night.

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