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Hello friends, Happy Thursday!
Two Thursdays, I had the pleasure of attending the very first BloggerScene Winter Cocktail Party of the Year. It was a great fun meeting some many new friends that are bloggers just like me. Created and hosted by Natalie & Erika of The Fashionably Broke and Ashley of Ashley In Dc we learned new tips and tricks to succeeding in the blogosphere from the personal experiences and advice from the DC's  fashion bloggers. The panelists were Alicia, Julien, Allison, and Cheralee. I always learn something and gaining new information from every party and gathering.

 Here are some of the highlights and themes.
Working with Brands
Question: When it comes to working with brands in 2015, Is there anything you plan to do differently?
-Creating contracts for every brand that you work with, makes sure that the brand holds up to their end of the partnership and deal. Its important to protect yourself and your business. 
-Find new and creative ways to partner with brands (lookbooks, Instagram, videos) and build personal relationships by keeping in touch. 
- Having clear communication with brands in terms of what they want from you ( Blog posts,images, social  tweets) and know your worth in the industry. 
- Don't wait for brands to reach out to you. Be proactive and seek brands that work for your blog! Start small and work your way up. 

 The Blogger Panelists, from the Left: Alicia (AliciaTenise) | Julien (ItsJulien) | Allison (AllyCog) | Charelee (MissLyleStyle)

Setting Goals 
Question: How do you plan set goals and stick to them?
By being more organized with a schedule, brainstorming values, ideas and passions and writing down short and long term goals for the year.
- One Stop Life & Blog Planner, Whitney English
- Organize and manage goals through weekly blog planner, Heart + Arrow 
- Inspiration/Vision Board helps keep goals in check! 
-Monitor Analytics better to optimize blog posts and social media content. Iconosquare is a great resource for Instagram. 

Tackling Competition
What are some ways to tackle competition in the blogging world with a fresh approach?
- Dont stress over blogging opportunities you dont get, dont take it personally. In fact befriend the "competition"
-  Support each other, use other bloggers success to motivate you to work harder and may there will an opportunity to collaborate with brands in the future. 
- Be confident yourself, in your style and abilities, don't be intimidated to what other bloggers are doing, stay true to your definition of success, don't be afraid to ask for help when needed. 
- Competition is REAL, use this it as motivation and channel it in a positive direction, send an email to a brand or collaborate with another blogger, take it and create a new opportunity for your blog. 

Creating Clickable Content 
Question: What are some of your most popular posts and what resounding themes do you find?
-Audience wants something to relate to, they want you to share different parts of your life (favorite restaurants, shops, commute issues, the mundane) , its important to be real with your readers.
- Getting Personal is Key! Readers love when they get to know you as a person and friend. 
-Stay true to who you are and let your personality shine. Being personal on the blog is key, Be genuine and the success will follow. 

*Photos c/o Kaz +Zen Photograghy
Also check out the Washingtonian feature of this event. 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time.
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