6 African Bloggers

Hello Readers, Happy Wednesday! 
In honor of Black History Month, I wanted to share my Favorite Bloggers from the Motherland. Spending my childhood days in the Republic of South Africa had a huge impact and influence on my life. It is where my love all of things African culture and heritage inspired me start this blog and pursue a career in fashion. There is enormous talent on the African continent and I wanted to show you all a different side of fashion, culture, each African nation from the unique and beautiful  perspective from an African Blogger. I hope you enjoy and support their blogs as well. 

Modern Day Flower Child Fashion Blogger from Johannesburg, South Africa 

Rwandan fashion blogger and model living in Helsinki, Finland. 

A trio collective from Soweto, portraying South Africa as they see it.

 Sharon Mundia, Kenyan fashion blogger - See more here

Nancie Mwai, Fashion, Beauty Blogger from Kenya 

 Fashion Artist and Blogger from Botswana  

So who is your new favorite blogger? 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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