A MLK Jr. Memorial

Hello Friends, Happy Monday!
Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr and his contributions he made to these United States of America and his belief that everyone deserves to be treated equally and fairly! Friends, MLK Jr. changed the game, flipped the script and led a strong fight to create change for every American black or white in this country and for black people all over the world! He left a lasting legacy that has forever changed my life and the generations to come! One of the great things about living about 45 minutes outside the Nation's Capitol, Washington DC! I get to experience beautiful monuments and memorials to America's finest leaders and heroes who helped make this country better for all of us. Martin Luther King Jr. was definitely one of them. On this day I wanted to reflect on the effort a group of people made the idea for this beautiful memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. come to life. I read this article, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Complicated History on The Root Website, it takes a look at the behind the scenes story of bringing this beautiful tribute to a great leader and visionary. I got to visit the MLK Jr. Memorial in the recent years (check out my blog post: celebrating MLK), and being there always gives me a boost of inspiration and motivation to be the best I can be and remember all those who I have sacrificed so that I can live my dreams to the fullest. I also want to read this article, "The MLK we need to remember" before I watch the movie Selma, which is definitely on my list before the end of January! I really hope the movie Selma wins for Best picture Oscar 2015! Lets all cross our fingers!

If you haven't already please check out my 2012 post I wrote on my very first experiences at the MLK Jr. Memorial at the National Mall Washinton DC.

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