What's In My Bag? + 2015 Goals/Promises

Hello Friends, Happy Weekend! 
This is my first Video of 2015! Yay! I decided to do the ever so popular and Youtube favorite "Whats In My Bag" Tag as an update! You can see my 2014 What's in my Bag Video Here. Its away to get started again and start anew! I'm also excited to share with you my creative goals and promises I will make to myself and going to accomplish this year! That I will share with all of you on Youtube. It's going to be a fun year! There is a lot of change happening in my life and all I want to do is embrace it and move smoothly to the next phase of life (Please watch the 7 things to do before my Birthday),  appreciating everything, living in the moments and most of all enjoying it to the fullest. Also to always being prepared for what lies ahead for me in my future.   It is all about the giving our life balance between and real life and how to go through it patiently and gracefully. 

4 African Stories You Must Read!

Hello Friends, Happy Thursday!
Early last year I joined an African Literature Book Club (Also Known as the Afro-Literarians). You can check out the book club website here It has definitely changed and opened up my world of Literature to a whole new level. I also have come to understand what it Africa is all about through each of these uniquely different stories and characters told through these very talented writers/authors. We ended up reading four amazingly interesting stories about government, being a foreigner, the traditional views and perspectives of motherhood and what it truly means to be an African living  in the 21st century. Reading is an activity that I love to do and I wanted to share and com highly recommended.  There 4 books, take you on a journey through  the African continent and travel through reading. Like the show, "Reading Rainbow" these stories take you to many different places and exciting imaginative travels through your mind. Its a great way to relax indoors in the winter time. Check out what I wore when I spent the day at a local cafe reading, the Wizard of the Crow, which I highly recommended! Last year I also got to attend the African Film Festival Premiere of "Half of a Yellow Sun" where I had the pleasure of meeting the author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie through a book signing! Check out the full post here. Reading in the Winter is definitely a relaxing way to enjoy weekends! My book list is below. Enjoy!

New Perspective!

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Hello Friends, Happy Wednesday!
I hope 2015 has been amazing so far! It is only day twenty one and I can say God has changed my life for the better! Life experiences is like being on this roller-coaster taking you in every direction possible.Whether positive or negative it changes you. And my friends, I have gained, I have gained new perspective, a new breath of life that will take me places that I have never known before. When God shows you something  so profound it  changes you from the inside out and gives you a new vision. You are a different person and you cannot go back to the way of life used to be. There has to be different way and that's what's happening in my life for 2015. Friends its time to let go of things that have hurt us, hold us back and truly embrace the difficult  process of breaking free and letting go! Its time to challenge ourselves by going through the valley of past memories, thoughts, visions and broken dreams. Its time to be better, this time for real. Are you with me? This year, each month,  I am going to journal my days as I draw closer to God and reflect on What God has done for me in my life each step of the way. I have been a Christian for all my life and I'm excited to see what God has planned for me and see what my purpose is for my life. We are all here for a purpose that is bigger than we ever imagined so why not discover it by asking the Creator who made us who we are and created all  the beauty that we see here on earth. Along with my Bible, I'm currently reading, "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. If you would like to follow my 2015 journey please click on the Reflections Tab on the main page 

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far.

Thank you for Reading. Until next time!
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A MLK Jr. Memorial

Hello Friends, Happy Monday!
Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr and his contributions he made to these United States of America and his belief that everyone deserves to be treated equally and fairly! Friends, MLK Jr. changed the game, flipped the script and led a strong fight to create change for every American black or white in this country and for black people all over the world! He left a lasting legacy that has forever changed my life and the generations to come! One of the great things about living about 45 minutes outside the Nation's Capitol, Washington DC! I get to experience beautiful monuments and memorials to America's finest leaders and heroes who helped make this country better for all of us. Martin Luther King Jr. was definitely one of them. On this day I wanted to reflect on the effort a group of people made the idea for this beautiful memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. come to life. I read this article, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Complicated History on The Root Website, it takes a look at the behind the scenes story of bringing this beautiful tribute to a great leader and visionary. I got to visit the MLK Jr. Memorial in the recent years (check out my blog post: celebrating MLK), and being there always gives me a boost of inspiration and motivation to be the best I can be and remember all those who I have sacrificed so that I can live my dreams to the fullest. I also want to read this article, "The MLK we need to remember" before I watch the movie Selma, which is definitely on my list before the end of January! I really hope the movie Selma wins for Best picture Oscar 2015! Lets all cross our fingers!

Five Style Resolutions!

Hello Friends, Happy Friday!
The Year 2015 is here!! New excitement arises within my fashionable soul, an energy that only the new year brings! It a chance to start anew, turn the page, close the chapter and rewrite your resolutions and goals for your fashion forward wardrobe. I start with  reflection  and looking back on how I spent this past year! Reminisce with me and check What I Wore Year 2014!  As a fashion blogger I look at how my personal style evolved, matured, changed and adapted, with the new trends that worked and what didn’t.This is a chance to map out a new draft plan and challenge my style to a whole new level. 

I start with these five style resolutions to get me started on the right path...
Embrace my African Cultural Heritage
I started this blog almost 4 years ago to showcase African inspired fashion and  style more African inspired outfits and I definitely want to get back to that. I want to write more about different African fashion designers and how the international  fashion industry embraces the African perspective on fashion. Its a growing industry that I want to motivate and inspire me in my personal style. I will also do more blog posts on living an African inspired lifestyle here in the Washington DC area. 
Shop My Closet
Be able to shop my closet and find different ways to wear African Fashion in my everyday life. I believe the more you create outfits for the different occasions and events in your life, the more I will embrace it into my current wardrobe. It will give my style the boost it needs. 
Invest/ Style more in African Fashion Designers collections
I want to buy and support more contemporary African Designers. Investing in these collections will eventually be seen on the blog and it will teach me to be careful and thoughtful when buying luxury items. 
Wear Bold Colors 
Wearing  more Bold Color Monochromatic looks will elevate my style to a whole different level of fashion. Its a more sophisticated and mature look that I cant wait to try this Spring/Summer season. I think the trick would to find colors that perfect suit my skin tone. 
Upgrade my Style + Step Outside Fashion Comfort Zone!
Since Fashion is about trying new things and most of all having fun with you look. In the new year, why not step out of your comfort zone and challenge myself to different style types, I want to reinvent celebrity style that I love. This will be fun to try on the blog and let you tell me what you think! 2015 is the year to try something out of the ordinary and change my style for the better. Whether its in makeup, hairstyle, accessories or clothing choices. I resolve to do something different. Do something new. Who knows I  might surprise yourself and actually like it! 

What are your New Year 2015 Style Resolutions? 

Be sure to check out what my 2015 Fashion Resolutions article on the Facon Magazine website 

Also see what my personal resolutions I have 2015 Click Here

Thank you for Reading. Until next time!
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What I wore in Year 2014!

Hello friends, Happy New Year! 
 I always find it helpful look back at my favorites outfits combinations of 2014 to feel inspired into the new year! Have you the saying "look back to move forward" I will look at this as motivation for future outfit inspiration! Wow, What A Year it has been! I have found that my style has changed to a more sophisticated classic look with an African flair that gives my personal style its uniqueness. As I was looking back I found many stylish ways of wearing an accessory, clothing or jewelry. Its what I love about my personal style, I always make sure I can wear it at least two ways and in 2014. I did!   I'm so proud of myself and style and looking back shows me how far I have come. 

Vintage Necklace

Cobalt Blue 

The Ghana Handbag

Bright Orange Heels 

Gold Rimmed Sunglasses 

Summer Yellow 

Floral Pencil Skirt

Turquoise Blue 

Woven Leather Cross Body Bag

Vintage Dress

Thank you for the continued support in 2014! I can't wait to see what's in store for my blog in 2015! 

Please check out my favorite outfits of 2013 and 2012. Enjoy!  

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time.
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Happy New Year 2015!

Hello Friends, Welcome 2015! 
Wow! I'm still trying to get used to saying that! 2015! Each year is a chance to appreciate each moment we have been given. Each new day I see, I'm so thankful to God for everything! In 2015, I expect better things for my career, and life! I expect to do better and be better than I was last year! I expect to push my creativity to the next level by being my true authentic self and being who God has called me to be. Living my life and purpose fully embracing it with my whole heart and soul. 

This is the  list of goals that I want to accomplish in 2015! 
Continue to grow closer and closer to God!
Be consistent with my Quiet time! Be fully committed to my bible study group  (L.E.D Daughters) and grow as a Christian sisterhood. 
Take my blog to the next level creatively.
Continue to grow my blog into a business, grow my social media platforms. Please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and subscribe to my Lifestyle Channel on Youtube! 
Get Organized! 
Create an organized life that works for me, get a daily and active that continues to challenge me to move to be better spiritually, emotionally, physically and creatively.  
Live life out loud and Learn something new! 
Get back into my passions, for singing, ballroom dancing classes and fashion styling! 
Be Proficient/Fluent in French and Swahili! 
Learn and practice french and swahili by joining different groups and doing different activities. 
Read more books and always be Teachable! 
There is also one major milestone birthday that is happening for me this year, and I want to celebrate it with my family and friends! Check out the video I did here on my Youtube Channel!  

Check out what I was doing in New Years Day 2014, 2013, 2012 
Thank you for Reading. Until next time!
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