Wow, Wait Its December Already!

Hello Everyone, Happy December! 
I cant believe that there are only days left in 2014. Where oh where has the year gone. I feel like I have been trying unsuccessfully play catch up! This Year definitely flew by fast! It was like thanksgiving came and went then December snuck in the back door and surprised us all with its presence! Well, since December is now here, I will make the most of it. This month I really want to share lots of fun things I did these past few weeks,  first are my favorite holiday outfits that I styled from local boutiques in my neighborhood and I cant wait to share these photos I took with Delisa Carol. Since I'm such in a holiday spirit this year, I also wanted to challenge my creativity with styling outfit inspirations with the lyrics of the song 12 days of Christmas! I am also looking forward to creating a lookbook of my favorite outfits from season's past this year. It is always good to reflect on the days past and also look forward by making new years resolutions and challenging myself to a greater level. I hope you follow along with me as we celebrate the holiday season and welcome a new year all in less than 30 days! For up to date style inspirations, please feel free to follow me on Facebook! I really want to get to 100 likes by years end! Could you help me get there? It will the perfect gift! You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Google +  if that's your cup of tea! I want to thank you all for your continued support in my blogging journey!

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time.
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