The Sheep Scarf!

 Outfit Details: Trench Coat: Burberry (similar)(similar) | Blue Dress: Madewell (similar) (similar)| Scarf: Madewell (like this) | Afro-Handbag (see here) | Tights: Kushyfoot | Flats: Kushyfoot | Sunglasses (similar) | Heels: Guess (like these) | Watch: Micheal Kors |               

Hello Everyone, Welcome November!
Do you see the scarf I'm wearing? It's a scarf with sheep on it. I got it at Madewell two years before and yes, its the inspiration for this outfit. The sheep scarf also has my favorite color purple in it and the blue dress compliments it nicely. Yes, This is yet another trench Coat outfit! It is the season for it and I will wear it as long as I want to! Since the weather has definitely settled and and is showing its true colors. I needed to style the trench coat with brighter colors. Its tradition, like clock work the scarf,black opaque tights and trench coat officially come back into my wardrobe for these next few months.So get used to it you might be seeing these pieces more often than you like, but it my personal style challenge! Let's see how many ways I can wear the Trench Coat? 

Here is another way I styled the Trench Coat its appropriate for the fall too! Click HERE 

Also check out another way I styled the Sheep Scarf too!

Check out other ways I styled Scarfs in Seasons Past! Click Here

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time.
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