Time Changes Things + A Blogger Brunch Outfit!

 Outfit Details: Plum Blouse:H&M(old) (similar) | Skinny Jeans: Madewell | Burberry Scarf | Purse: Forever 21(similar) | Floral Heels: JustFAB | Sunglasses: Nordstrom | Nail Color: Essie-Blanc | 

 Happy Monday Everyone, 
My life lately has been excitedly busy and fun.  I have really embodied the quote by Andy Warhol, "they say time changes things, but you  actually have to change them yourself". And since its Monday, I thought i would start a motivational quote to get in a good mindset to be proactive, and productive this week. Last week,  I made a decision that I was going to be open and meet new people and make new friends. And  when I did a whole new world opened up to me. When you ask, you shall receive, changing your actions brings new things into your life. This is what I wore when to a blogger brunch yesterday! I had so much fun chatting and connecting with other bloggers in the area, it was a great way to spend my Sunday Afternoon. You could see more pics on my Instagram as well.  This week, I will be recapping all the highlights of what's been happening and the amazing life lessons I am taking with me from now on. So please stay tuned!

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