Karen Walker Visible Collection

Hello Everyone, Happy Saturday! 
I stumbled upon this Visible Sunglasses Collection by Karen Walker (shop the collection here) earlier this year, and I have been waiting for the right time to share it with all of you. It inspires me to learn more about my African heritage when I see special collections like these that benefits the artisans in small villages and towns in various countries around the continent. With each purchase of sunglasses, the proceeds go to the  Ethical Fashion Initiative. I love the visually appealing photographs and each person wearing each pair of sunglasses tells a story like no one else can. Each beautiful moment was captured by the famous photographer, Derek Henderson and each story that can only be heard through his or her words and the colorful language and twists that makes his/her story a journey of life uniquely different and special. It inspires me to dig deeper into my own family history and heritage and hopefully create with meaningful purpose and drive that brings out the essence of who I am supposed to be all along. May these pictures also inspire you to appreciate the beauty in every single photograph of this visible campaign. Please do enjoy! 

Images c/o The Daily Mail &  NZ Herald 

Sidenote: You can also watch the film here

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  1. Super cool glasses, I love this post!

    xoxo Akinyi