Reflections: You know You're Adult When...!

Hello Everyone, Happy Friday!
Life is funny, sometimes you don't realize how much your life has changed. It changes ever so slightly and consistently until it hits you. This past weekend I attended a first birthday party of a good friend I have known since high school and when her family asked us how we knew her, it hit me we have known each other since we were all15 years old. We were brought together for yet another life event her daughters first birthday party. Life changes in an instant before your eyes and you wonder how it all happened. Its happens when you least expect it, then you realize it constantly moves and changes moving forward as we travel along the journey . As we get older, our views, beliefs and perspectives change as we swiftly move toward discovering the meaning of life and what it means to live it to the fullest. In my morning devotionals by Joyce Meyer, it says "God Wants to Bless You" and "God Promises are Already in Your Life" Using what all the opportunities that we have in our life already we get real significance and purpose fulfilled as we are blessed with each day by GOD. Its amazing how much my life has changed and evolved over the years and how blessed that I've taken it all in stride.

Here is my list of reasons  I know I'm an adult now and there's no going back!! Haha LOL! I hope you enjoy.

 You're an Adult When...
1. You've attended a graduation, wedding, baby shower or first birthday party-whether its a undergraduate or master's program you been either part of the festivities or celebrating it yourself. Its a huge accomplishment that has propelled you into the career you desire as an adult. Weddings, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers etc.. are also part of what happens after graduation its part of life. 
2.  You own work clothes- Your style changes to accommodate the new life that you have. Since you spend more time at work than with friends and family, its important to develop a style that represents you as the professional you are and becoming everyday. 
3. You check your work email even when you're not at work- Learning balance is part of adulthood. Sometimes disconnecting for time with family or friends reenergizes and motivates you to be the best person you can be.  
4.You have a five year plan- I learned that you have to plan the stuff you really want to accomplish in life. Dreams happen when you make a timeline and write it down, because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail and i've learn this lesson through experience. So I'm writing mine down LOL!! 
5.  You're networking to get ahead in your career- When people say that its who you know that will get you ahead in your career I believe them now. The connections you make in life also happen when you are open, connect and help each other out. Its so important for your career no matter what field you are in. 
6. You have no idea what you're doing with your life- A lot of times I feel this way but I know that when you take risks in life you get the greatest rewards and you are the happiest. Its getting over the hurdles of fear and failure that are our biggest challenges but once you do,make the leap you enjoy the ride down so much better and sweeter. 
7. Younger people in your life are now asking you for advice- I find myself giving advice a lot lately, about having a plan and vision for your life and to do what you're most passionate about. Its a different experience being a role model but once you are one you do better. 
8. You buy things because they are quality- Shopping at Forever 21 now is a real eye opener cause you realize that wasting money on cheap stuff  that does not last long especially when you have specific paycheck. I now like ZARA, J Crew, Anthropologie, Nordstrom are now my favorites. 
9. You call your parents to catch up- Since my parents live abroad now, its nice to catch up with them  often. Phone calls, emails, Skype and whatsapp really help keep us connected during the week. Its also funny how the topics of conversation have changed and how there is so much expectation of your life that they want and pray will happen in your life and achieve the life goals that continue the cycle of life. 
10. Vacation days are more precious than gold- weekends are so golden, and worth working all week for, they are entirely too short but are appreciated when you've been hustling all week. Vacation days are what you save up for and as an adult you can go and do whatever you want. Its so much fun. I hope I can do that too. 
11. Your back hurts sometimes- These are the reasons why healthy eating and exercising is so important because we can avoid the pains of adulthood a little longer.  
12. You drive yourself to the airport- I have done this a number of times, especially the short  weekend trips. Its so much cheaper to park and fly then taking a taxi. 
13. You begin to the necessity of alone time- I need to disconnect and reconnect with myself every now and then and figure out what your vision is for your life cause I have found that sometimes if we are not focused we can follow someone else's vision pretty easily. So its important to know what you want out of life when you're with only God's voice and your own. 
14. House Hunters is suddenly interesting to youThis is so funny, I love the show, especially House Hunters International. It gives me information for my future house hunting adventure and tips on all that I need when I do. 
15. You don't care if you're totally uncool- When you are your most authentic, confident self. You could care less what others or the younger generation thinks because You love the time you grew up, the music blasted from your car  and are proud of your life in the present. It's a good thing and everyone is just jealous of how unphased you are when the younger generation mentions some artist, actor you don't know and you just begin to appreciate the time you had as an child and teenager. It definitely makes you seem older and experienced. HAHA LOL! 

Sidenote: This blog post was also inspired by this article (seen here) with a list of over 50 more reasons you know are an adult. LOL! 

Have a Great Weekend!

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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