Summer White

What to Wear When... enjoying Summer Activity!

Hello Everyone, Happy Wednesday!

Welcome Summer! & a Geometric Print Dress

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday! 
Welcome Summer! This is the long weekend that begins three beautiful sunny and summer filled months of leisure and relaxation. Lately I have been influenced by my friend's Classic personal style especially with black and white. And when I found this dress at Francesca's at an amazing clearance price of  $15. I knew it had found its new home my closet. I decided to style the beautiful geometric print dress with these bright colored orange heels for that perfect pop of color. Whether you dress it up or down, its the perfect dress for the summer time.

Reflections: You know You're Adult When...!

Hello Everyone, Happy Friday!
Life is funny, sometimes you don't realize how much your life has changed. It changes ever so slightly and consistently until it hits you. This past weekend I attended a first birthday party of a good friend I have known since high school and when her family asked us how we knew her, it hit me we have known each other since we were all15 years old. We were brought together for yet another life event her daughters first birthday party. Life changes in an instant before your eyes and you wonder how it all happened. Its happens when you least expect it, then you realize it constantly moves and changes moving forward as we travel along the journey . As we get older, our views, beliefs and perspectives change as we swiftly move toward discovering the meaning of life and what it means to live it to the fullest. In my morning devotionals by Joyce Meyer, it says "God Wants to Bless You" and "God Promises are Already in Your Life" Using what all the opportunities that we have in our life already we get real significance and purpose fulfilled as we are blessed with each day by GOD. Its amazing how much my life has changed and evolved over the years and how blessed that I've taken it all in stride.

What to Wear When...a Spring Cocktail Party!!

Hello There, Happy Wednesday!!
Last Wednesday, I attended the one year anniversary party of #Bloggerscene- parties with a purpose. Its a great opportunity to learn about how other bloggers got their start and how to really get ahead and turned their blogs into businesses. Its encouraging to hear real life stories of how they made it. It motivates to reach higher and dream bigger than I ever have. This is what I wore, a Bright Color Flower Print Dress that was so appropriate for the occasion and then I won this beautiful statement necklace from Stella&Dot (seen below) as part of their giveaways at the end of the night. I love it so much I have worn it everyday since. I can't wait to show you all the ways I have styled it here on the blog very soon.

Weekend Adventures: Passport DC "Around the World" Embassy Tour

Hello Everyone, Wednesday!
On a sunny spring Saturday, myself, sister, and a few friends attended the Passport Cultural Embassy Tour in the nation's capital. We walked the streets of North West DC into the embassies of Ecuador, Kazahktan, Austrailia and Republic of Congo. It was so interesting to learn about the countries and cultures of the world. It makes me feel grateful for my own heritage and culture while appreciating the richness of others.

Spring Weekends & Effortless Confidence

 Hello Everyone,  Happy Weekend!
Weekends are always so much fun with friends and a sunshine filled day. The outfit you see is what I would wear on a night on the town. Since the weather is getting warmer I expect that there will be many more weekends like this. This is why Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons because you get to enjoy life in the present without care that its too cold outside. I like wearing black & white print peplum top that gives me instant curves and a pair of blue skinny jeans, its so simply chic without too many accessories. For me the simpler the more effortless the outfit becomes as it is an artistic expression of who you are.  When you feel confident and beautiful in what you are wearing you can really let loose and have a great time in the city.