Spring Showers & California Daydreaming!

Hello, Happy Monday Everyone! 
You know the saying, Spring Showers bring the May Flowers well, the showers have started and its been raining and pouring all weekend. We couldn't even go outside to take photos outside. So we resorted to indoors. Since March is ending today I have been daydreaming of warmer weather and California comes to mind because the sun is always shinning and that thought inspired this outfit and when I think of that I think of California fashion bloggers with my skinny ankle jeans, Zara black heels and a silk blouse. It totally looks like I could fit in so well. I like how this outfit is plays with a neutral palette and contrasting colors of green and black that give the outfit an East coast sophistication and chicness with a West Coast relaxed vibe and style. It goes together all so well. I would wear this outfit on an early evening casual dinner date or dinner with friends either way I am dressed down and up all at the same time. In other news, If you can see my new favorite neutral nail color manicureI found while browsing at ULTA a couple of weekends ago and I have to say its the perfect nude for my brown skin.

Outfit Details: Contrast Green/Black Blouse: Timing via Red Hue Boutique | Skinny Ankle Jeans: Madewell | Heels: ZARA | Purse: JustFAB "Pantheon" (sold out) (seen here, here, here) | Gold Jewlery (blog post coming soon) | African Bracelets (see here) | Nail Color manicure: OPI "Tickle me, France-y" | Nail Color pedicure: Essie "Blanc"|

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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ThrowBack Thursday & Afro-Chambray Outfit

Hello Everyone, Happy Thursday! 
These are pictures of me two years ago, I had longer hair and had just started my blogging journey. So when I stumbled upon these photos I knew I had to post them for #ThrowBack Thursday. For this outfit  I wanted to challenge myself and see how many different ways I could wear my Chambray Shirt. So I decided to style it with on of my favorite African favorite skirt that was Congolese made and a beautiful gift from my cousin. I absolutely love how the pairing and outfit came together. These photos are now memories of moments passed are a good way of seeing how far we have come and how blessed we are and it also gives permission to step into the future. I hope you enjoy!!

Outfit Details: Chambray Shirt: Madewell (similar) (similar) | African Skirt: Gifted  | Necklace & African Bracelets (see here) | Black Heels (similar)  | Nail Color: Essie "Play Date" | 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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A Neutral Palette

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Sometimes in order to start anew you need to begin with a neutral palette. It is a great way to start thinking of transition outfits into Spring and a way to start mentally preparing to begin the process of Spring Cleaning. This outfit came to me like I was dreaming about it. You know when you have visualized something in your mind, I saw it all come together as I searched my closet in my mind and the pieces magically transformed these pieces into a simple chic outfit with a twist.I knew I wanted an appropriate outfit that transitioned well from winter to spring and that's why I went with wardrobe basics of a neutral palette as I paired it with colorful accessories like my headscarf Statement Gold Necklace and yellow printed heels that gave this outfit a dose of my style personality. 

Last week I styled the trench coat two ways (see here) and I was so inspired that I styled it a third way. This outfit can be worn at work (patent nude or black heel substitute) and then after a mix and mingle happy hour with coworkers and of course on the weekend with brunch with close friends. Either way you can go wrong with this classic neutral palette stylish outfit with a twist of personal style.

Outfit Details: Classic Trench Coat: Burberry (similar) (similar) | White Shirt: Zara (old)(similar) | Black Skinny Pants: Aqua (similar) | Nail Color: Essie (White) | Ankara Heels: JustFAB (see here) | Headscarf: gifted (similar) | Statement Necklace: District Closets |


P.S: This weekend I had the so much fun filming another video on my Youtube Channel, this one is called the TMI TAG. Please check it out here 

 Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 

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Hello Everyone, Happy Weekend! 
This is the ever so popular TMI Tag on Youtube. There are 50 random questions about me. If you want too much information about me. Please watch and I hope you enjoy!!!

OUTFIT Details
Ted Baker Purple Cardigan
Madewell Lavandar Blouse
Micheal Kors Watch
African Bracelets (see here)
Gold Jewelry

BOOKS Mentioned
Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky
Wizard of the Crow by Ngugi Wa Thiong'o

SONGS Mentioned
Golden by Jill Scott
Window Seat by Erykah Badu

Robbie Seay Band

The Most Wasted of all Days is One Without Laughter- EE Cummings

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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What to Wear When You Are in a Hurry...(Day to Night Outfit)

Hello Everyone, Happy Wednesday! 
One of my favorite parts of fashion and style is styling my favorite clothing pieces many different ways. Its why I choose to invest in clothes of high quality and I know I would wear it more than once. I have worn this leather jacket so many times, so I challenged myself to wear it two ways in the daytime at the peak of sunshine and I also styled it for a fashion event later that weekend.  

Day: From Casual, Chic & Casual 
Black, white and grey has been one of my favorite combinations this winter. It is so simple to create simply casual and chic outfits. I love wearing blue skinny jeans as well they go perfectly with the neutral pairing. This was a very casual daytime outfit just before volunteering my time at Sunday School with three and four year olds. I love little children they always make my day and remind me to enjoy the simple moments in life.  

For Full Outfit Details: Colorless,Casual, Chic 

Two Ways to Wear a Trench Coat this Spring!

Hello Everyone, Happy Tuesday!
As the weather transitions to my favorite season of the year Spring! It is a time where nature returns and emerges from winter's hibernation. The beauty of nature as the sunshine, rain returns  that brings the flowers, leaves and freshness make to our environment, it a rebirth a start to a new beginning. This gives me every reason to start thinking about my wardrobe and revamping my personal style for Spring. I decided to start styling outfits with the all important Classic Trench Coat. I am so excited to show you all what I would wear  with this Spring wardrobe essential

The Trench Coat is a great classic essential for Spring because it can be worn so many ways, it great option to either dress up or dress down. Its great for the Spring Showers because its Made as a waterproof raincoat. It is also a lightweight jacket that works well when the weather is not that warm yet with cool and breezy weather and you can wear light layers underneath. It is perfect for Spring evenings in the park for a picnic as well. The Classic Trench is perfect for any outfit because of its tailored silhouette and neutral color and can be dressed up or down. It is a fabulous investment piece to your Spring Wardrobe that can last through many seasons.I styled the trench coat two different ways one for a casual saturday for brunch and the other when going to a Spring Wedding.

Casual Saturday Brunch

Spring Daytime Trench Outfit

This outfit is casual cool and relaxed for a Saturday Morning doing errands and  having brunch with friends. Triple Layering adds complexity to any outfit and add visual interest. The White T shirt, pastel pink cardigan, loose fit jeans and green scarf add a compliment of colors to the floral print heels that add the spirit of Spring to the entire outfit. I also like how the trench coat give the casual elements of the outfit into a more sophisticated look.

African Film Festival: Half of a Yellow Sun.

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday! 
We are hopefully passed our last March snowstorm and looking toward more Spring weather as we move toward warmer days and less and less colder days and nights. Opportunity happens when we least expect it.It is defined as a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.  It happens only when we open ourselves to new things and start pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone. For me it all happened when I decided that this year I will read more books, so I joined a book club and started reading, Wizard of the Crow is a phenomenal story by Kenyan Author Ngugi Wa Thiong'o. At first is was a challenge to even get started and then I did and I am grateful to have rediscovered my passion for reading, read more about the book here (Reading is Fashion too!) As a result of reading I was invited to attend New African Films Festival hosted by TransAfrica and we got to watch a special film screening of an Adaptation of the book, "Half of a Yellow Sun."  and got to meet author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie herself with a Q&A session and book signing. It was so exciting listening to here speak about the book and film. It inspired and motivated me to learn more about my own African heritage and culture and to work really hard at achieving the goals and passions I want to see in my lifetime. It was held at the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center where a lot of other readers and fans their cheering along as we all experienced the film's important Nigerian story of a couple as they live through the struggles and trials of the Biafran War in the 1960s.  Overall it was a great experience and I can't wait to see what other adventures this reading journey has in store. 

An Artsy Neighborhood & A Tribal Print Coat

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday!
I think we have turned a corner people toward Spring. This being after we lost an hour of sleep. With that we gained more warmer days ahead of us. Since sunshine coming around, its kind of focused me to start thinking about my Spring/Summer wardrobe this year. So I went to the mall and started at ZARA, which was not the wisest decision just because all their collections are always fabulous. Then I wondered into Forever 21, looked around and saw this clearance rack full of winter coats. I tried it on, sent a picture to my sister, she agreed  and then I acted when I  bought it 40% off of the sale price.  What I great buy. I love shopping when you find an item for a extremely good discounted price especially when you are not looking for it and you buy because it looks fabulous and you love it enough to wear it in these last days of winter and store it away for next fall/winter season

Reading is Fashion, too!

Hello Everyone,  Happy March!!
This was a Serene Sunny Saturday Afternoon and I wanted to keep it Stylish and Casual as I spent the day reading my first novel of the year. As an ongoing active pursuit of becoming a better version of myself in 2014, I joined the Afro-Literarians Book Club  last month and we began reading the first book selection THE WIZARD of the CROW by Ngugi Wa Thiong'o. We spent this serene day at Sitea Boutique, a local tea shop and a local lunchtime cafe called ZED's Cafe  and all we did was read, it was so refreshing and simply enjoyable. The time spent allowed my mind to explore my untapped creativity and imagination to discover new ideas that will reach new heights and perspectives in the near future. Reading is fashion because it ignites passion, inspiration and motivation into your everyday life and makes your brain a whole lot better.
As for my outfit I wanted to keep it stylish, comfortable and casual, so I paired basic wardrobe essentials together, the skinny jean, white T-shirt, scarf and gave it personality with my African Bracelets, Purple Watch and my green Skinny jeans that totally suits my Classic Afro Bohemian style Personality. Please enjoy the pics below.