A Winter Weather Uniform

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With the crazy cold weather we have been having so far I decided to create an outfit that has all the Winter Weather Essentials and Accessories you need to get you through the rest of this very unpredictable Winter Season. The Winter Weather Uniform is inspired by my favorite things to wear in Winter especially when its a mostly the same outfit over and over again. Here's a Winter Uniform you can wear too! 

A Winter Weather Uniform

A Winter Weather Uniform by styledbykesha featuring Burberry

Outfit Details: Red Pea Coat (similar) | Splendid Black Turtleneck: Donna Ida | Chambray Shirt: American Eagle | Printed Infinity Scarf: Handpicked (similar) | J Brand Skinny Jeans: Net-a-Porter | Fendi Chocolate Leather Boots: StyleBop (similar)  | Juicy Couture GWatch: Nordstrom | Heart Pattern Leather Gloves: Burberry (similar) | Hipanema Brazil Bracelets: Calypsostbarth (similar) | Black Floppy Hat: HM| Black Satchel Purse:Fashion-Conscience

Below I  have a descriptive list of my favorite Winter Essentials that can inspire you in your wardrobe. 
Bright Color Coat
A Bright Color Winter Coat is essential because its cold outside and you will need it. I like to buy a Bright color Coat because its a little more interesting among the sea of black, brown and white Winter coats and its the first thing people see when you enter the office, meeting friends for lunch or going to a cocktail party in the city.Also make sure that you can layer your sweaters and scarves underneath your fabulous coat for extra comfort and stylishness. Whatever the occasion make sure you love your coat because its the others and you will see it a lot over the next winter months.
Skinny Jeans
Skinny Jeans are a season less  wardrobe essential that can work great in the Winter as well. They are great for casual outfits for brunch with your best girls, and for going out on the town they work either way. You can layer with thin thermal underwear or tights or knee high socks for more warmth, wear them with over the knee boots and a blazer or leather jacket, anything goes with skinny jeans after all they will get you through the I don't know what to wear moments cause its so cold kind of days. 
Chunky Knit Sweater (Neutral Colors)
A chunky knit sweater is a winter essential simply because it keeps us warm and is stylish at the same time. It can be worn in a boxy shape or more form fitting. I would get a white, black or brown knit Sweater so that you can where it with almost anything in your winter wardrobe and that it can last until next winter as well.  You can wear the chunky knit sweater over a Chambray shirt or any other button down shirt or a turtle neck too especially when its really cold, like the polar vortex we had last week!! Here is how I wore my Chunky Knit Sweater when it was freezing. 
Sweater Dress 
Oh the Sweater Dress, Its perfect to wear when you just don't feel like wearing pants over again. Its a great way to change it up a little. You can get it in different patterns and prints, I especially like the horizontal stripes sweater dress a simple pattern that can be worn many different ways or a geometric color pattern and print if you are feeling bold and that's your personal sense of style. Here is how I dressed a sweater dress at a mansion.  Its a dress, so you can give the sweater dress life by changing it up with different and fun pattern tights in many different colors and styles that show your creativity. Wearing this Winter essential is ideal when its not terribly cold and there is some sunlight outside because the worst thing you can do is get frostbite for looking cute. That's not cute!
Chambray Shirt
The Chambray Shirt also known as the Denim Shirt has come back into style in the most recent years and has immediately become a Wardrobe Staple because of its versatility to work with any clothing item and can go from casual to dressy along with a few key pieces. In the Winter Uniform outfit the Chambray is working as a layering piece that will go over the black turtle neck for style depth and complexity of the Winter Weather Uniform.Chambray Shirts in the Winter can definitely acts a light layer underneath a Chunky Knit Sweater, Cardigan, Blazer or Coat. When wearing a denim on denim look make sure the Chambray shirt is,  a few shades lighter or darker than the skinny or regular jeans so it does not look dated and unfashionable. Chambray Shirts can also be paired and style with colored or pattern denim as well, where the Chambray acts as a neutral. 
Long Sleeve T-Shirt
The Long Sleeve T Shirt is another Wardrobe Staple best for Late Fall and Winter Seasons and is also used as a layering piece. It can also be worn underneath a Chambray Shirt, Sweater or Cardigan and even the Blazer. It can be worn as a pop of color, pattern or print. Either way its a very useful clothing basic need in every woman's closet. 
Knee High Boots
Every Woman needs to have a pair of Knee High Boots, I just purchased some last year and now I see what all the hype is and why everyone has a pair. Knee High Boots have become a Winter Essential because its both stylish and adds warmth to your calves when they are covered in leather. I  also love Ankle Boots as an alternative to the Knee High Boots. When shopping save your money for good quality leather knee high boots that are simple in style and in a neutral color so that it can be worn in all occasions. They can be paired with skirts, skinny jeans, sweater dresses, leggings, jeggings, and the list goes on. Anything goes! For a casual pair of Knee High Boots,  I recommend Madewell Archive Boots because they are good quality and will last you about one to three years  if worn occasionally or frequently and are well kept. They are a bit pricey but you can get them during the holiday season and in January when last of Winter sales are. It will be about $100 cheaper then. They do also offer Extended calf options as well. 
Winter Accessories (Printed Scarf (Knitted or Cotton),  Gloves, Tights, Hats)
Ah Winter Accessories add that one more ounce of pizzazz to your whole outfit and it shows that you thought about your outfit to the details which makes you organized and very stylish. If you have a great neutral color coat that you love already, try adding a Printed or Colorful Knitted Scarf for a stylish twist. Scarves also keep your neck warm it prevents you from getting a cold and protects your voice. My mother always emphasized wearing a scarf that its ingrained in me forever, I cannot leave my house in the winter without a scarf around my neck, she just didn't want us to get sick! LOL!! 
Gloves are also so important because they go on your hands and they are in use all the time, they are needed to protect them from the cold, and wind and prevent dry ashy hands. So why not wear fabulous stylish gloves when hailing a cab, or holding your purse or holding your phone to your ear, give people something nice to look at. Tights a Winter essential are now colored, pattern and printed and worn underneath your pants, jeans and that fabulous dress for a night on the town. They keep you warm just like pants do so, you can go a head and wear that skirt and dress in style. Last but not least the hat  keeps your head warm but not your hairstyle it destroys that. So make sure you are either having a bad hair day or its day 3 hair and you don't mind. Hats make your outfit pop even when you didn't have time to tame the hair. I like beanies for a casual rocker chic, grunge type of look or a wide brim floppy hair for some bohemian flair. 

If you made and read the whole blog post today, I Thank you for reading it entirely, it was a long one and for all the support. I hope you enjoy the rest of the Winter season.

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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