What's in My Bag 2014?

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday!! 
I have taken a step of faith and posted my first Youtube Video of the year. I have always wanted to start a Fashion & Lifestyle Youtube Channel, so here it is! I decided to do ever so popular "What's in my Bag?" Video. I had a lot of fun making this video and I hope you all enjoying watching it too! Below are all the items links and products I mentioned in the Video. If you enjoy the video, please subscribe, and comment for updates on new upcoming videos. 

JustFAB: The Pantheon

 Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky
8 Tree Pencils 
Pencil Case

Karma Gorilla Perfume by LUSH 
Nivea Kiss of smoothness 
Honey TRAP Lip Balm by LUSH
Koser Natural Vanilla Lip balm 

Sweater: H&M
Gold Hoop Earrings
White Tank: H&M
Gold Necklace: Gifted (the Map of the Democratic Republic of the Congo) 

Thank you for Watching & Reading. Until Next time. 
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What to Wear When its a Snow Day!

Hello Everyone, Happy Wednesday & Happy Snow Day!

On Winter Wednesdays like this when its freezing cold and after a snowstorm, I like to wear something very warm and stylish at the same time. Its all about layering with the right Winter essentials ( See Here for my Winter Weather Uniform) that will help you look amazing as you run errands, Work or Study at Starbucks. Below I have styled two outfits that are both casual and dressy casual depending on what your day looks like. I would where the first look if I was studying or running errands and the second look if I was going to work or a networking event. Whatever you choose to wear today, let these serve you as style inspirations for a beautiful sunny snow day like this one. Enjoy!! 

For Full Outfit Details:  What to Wear When its Freezing! 

For Full Outfit Details: Winter Wonderland

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Speaks Louder than Words

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday To You! 

Today's outfit has a sophisticated chic feel to it and I know that I will be the most  productive in this look. The black &white jagged print dress was the inspiration for sophistication, and my Red Parisian Handbag gives outfit a pop of color.  This week we decided to take photos at the old Red Brick courthouse. The location definitely plays a vital significance in how the outfit is received by the readers and viewers. It gives you a feel of what the outfit is saying to the world. What you wear has so much to say before words come out of you. When you're well dressed and feel confident, I know that you can conquer any goal and dream you aspire to accomplish. Without speaking you expressing to the world that you are organized, confident and knowledgeable about your field of study or career and you are confident that the skills that you acquired through education and work experience will get you to your ultimate goals in life. I know it definitely gives me motivation and inspiration to always be open to growing and learning to be the best person I can be.

 Outfit Details: Grey Coat: Bloomingdales (old) |Jagged Print Dress: Madewell (similar) (like this) | White Shirt: ZARA (similar) | Black Cardigan: H&M | Black Tights: American Apparel | Black Booties: H&M (old) (like these) | African Bracelets (see here) | Sunglasses: Nordstrom | Purse: Parisian JustFAB (similar)(seen here & here) | Black&White Infinity Scarf (Red Hue Boutique) (similar) | 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Look at Your New Year's Resolutions as Promises

Hello Everyone, TGIF!! 
Its the 17th day of the Year 2014, can you believe it? It feels like the days are just hours now you blink and its gone. So I have decided to make every effort to make a Resolutions list and be proactive in making get them done. Can I ask a question?  How many of us have already strayed from the New Year's Resolutions we made just two weeks ago?

A Winter Weather Uniform

Hello There, Happy Thursday!
With the crazy cold weather we have been having so far I decided to create an outfit that has all the Winter Weather Essentials and Accessories you need to get you through the rest of this very unpredictable Winter Season. The Winter Weather Uniform is inspired by my favorite things to wear in Winter especially when its a mostly the same outfit over and over again. Here's a Winter Uniform you can wear too! 

A Winter Weather Uniform

A Winter Weather Uniform by styledbykesha featuring Burberry

Outfit Details: Red Pea Coat (similar) | Splendid Black Turtleneck: Donna Ida | Chambray Shirt: American Eagle | Printed Infinity Scarf: Handpicked (similar) | J Brand Skinny Jeans: Net-a-Porter | Fendi Chocolate Leather Boots: StyleBop (similar)  | Juicy Couture GWatch: Nordstrom | Heart Pattern Leather Gloves: Burberry (similar) | Hipanema Brazil Bracelets: Calypsostbarth (similar) | Black Floppy Hat: HM| Black Satchel Purse:Fashion-Conscience

What to Wear when its New Year's Eve 2013

 Gold & Black Dress: Ark &Co (similar)  | Black Tights: American Apparel |High Black Boots: Just FAB 
Hello Everyone, Happy Wednesday! 
Before we fully move into 2014, I wanted to share what I wore to New Year's Eve party during the holidays. When I saw this dress, I knew  I had to have it as it stared at me saying I should give it a home in my closet and I did. It finally made it way into my closet right before New Year's Eve and I took it out on the town in DC and of course everyone loved including myself  it was the perfect way to celebrate my way into 2014. 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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A Flower Pencil Skirt for All Seasons

Hello Everyone, Welcome Tuesday! 
One thing I am known for is when I like something whether its food to beauty essentials to clothing, I wear and style it over and over again in as many ways as possible. The Pencil Skirt is an definite Wardrobe essential and when you find your favorite like I did you can wear it any way you want to. I found this Flower Pencil Skirt  at a  Blowout Sale at ZARA a couple of years ago and it been one of my best buys so far. I have worn it through the each of the seasons and I have worked and styled it for almost any occasion in my life.
From Fall to Winter.... 
To Spring and then Summer
Anyway you choose to wear it , the Flower Pencil Skirt can be worn in all seasons...

A Winter Sweater Dress at Needwood Mansion

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday!
Can you believe that we are in the second week in January already!Well I am ready to start off a new week with a brand new outfit of the day. I love Sweater dresses in the Winter time. Its gives the boring pants wearing winter outfits a break for a stylish different option that is a lot more interesting. I have only worn this Sweater dress a couple of times and when I rediscovered I knew I had to wear it for the blog. It was a windy sunny Sunday Afternoon, so some of the photos have my hair full blown. My photographer sister and I discovered the Needwood Mansion and its was the perfect back drop location for this outfit.  I will definitely be back to take more pictures here throughout the Year. Since my Striped Black and brown Sweater dress are neutral colors I paired it with a bright green Pashmina Scarf to give the Sweater dress some stylish life along with my Black Brown Ankle Booties and cute Cross body purse. If you have been following this blog for a while, you'd notice that I always have my favorite African Accessories to give the outfit a unique stylish element. This time its my South African bracelets! (seen here). I hope you ENJOY!!

 Outfit Details: Black Coat: H&M (similar) | Sweater Dress: H&M (similar) (similar) | Black Pantyhose: American Apparel | Ankle Booties: Ivanka Trump (similar)  | Scarf: Pashmina at Eastern Market | Purse: Dooney & Bourke (Gifted)  | African bracelets (see here) | Sunglasses: Chanel (Borrowed) | 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Outfit | Happy New Year 2014!

Hello  Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Whenever the New Year arrives, there is always an opportunity to shake off the old and put on the brand new and move forward with the real plans that you have for yourself. New Year's brings motivation, a  renewed and refreshed  hope that propel and move you forward into the present future. I do have goals that I want to accomplish with my blog, which include consistency, commitment, original content and better quality photos. I am excited to see my plans in real time. Most importantly, I resolve to have more fun, enjoying life with the activities and events that happen during the course of the year. I am looking forward to do and be better and expecting the best year yet in my life.

For now please enjoy these first of the year outfit photos.....

Outfit Details: Black Coat: H&M (similar) (similar) | Geometric Print Sweater: Ya Los Angeles via Red Hue Boutique  | Skinny Ankle Jeans: Madewell (similar) | Ankle Boots: Ivanka Trump (similar)|  Purse: Dooney & Burke | African Bracelets (see here) | 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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