Outfit| What to Wear When its Freezing!

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday!
I'm back with another outfit, I can't believe Thanksgiving is this Thursday! And I am so grateful  for all of you.I will have more gratefulness on Thursday. Anyway, it has been absolutely freezing, unbearable especially when the wind blows. It has been moving the branches, fallen leaves and trees back and forth so aggressively. This is the outfit I decided on today purely based on warmth and a shield from this freeze front they call wintery weather mix, umm yeah right! Its funny how the weather almost always dictates first your outfit options and secondly your decisions you make in life especially when a task is needed to get done. As my sister and I finished up our morning errands after church service, we quickly decided to take these photos on the balcony, so that we could run back anytime the weather got unbearable.  In the end I am also glad that we still got sunlight and a nice background and mostly the great photos you see here. Enjoy!

Style | Six Pairs of Jeans for your Wardrobe

Wardrobe Essential Jeans

Wardrobe Essential Jeans by styledbykesha featuring stretch jeans

Hello Everyone, Happy Wednesday!
This week I decided to focus on one of my favorite Wardrobe Essentials: Jeans. I love jeans. I  love them so much that I wear them sometimes 7 days of the week. I love the way they make me feel.THey are comfortable, they suck you in all the right places. I love their versatility and flexibility to be perfect for most situationsnd life events. Even when you wear the same pair every day of the week no one will notice because you wore it 7 different ways.
Get these Jeans: Straight Leg Jeans: Monsoon (favorite:the Gap ) | Skinny Jeans: Jack Wills (favorite: Madewell) | Colored Jeans: Topshop ( favorite: Uniqlo) | Boyfriend Jeans: TOPSHOP (favorite: The Gap) | Ankle Jeans: Nordstrom (favorite: Madewell) | Jeggings: Forever New ( favorite: J Brand or the Gap) |

The beautiful thing about Fall/Winter season that I can appreciate is the luxury of layering especially with a good pair of jeans. The best thing is they are versatile enough to be dressed either up or down. The best way to keep warm is to layer up and why not do it with some style basics and unique statement pieces and accessories and of course your favorite pair of jeans. Below, I have styled six of my favorite pairs of Jeans for your viewing pleasure and Outfit Inspirations.

Outfit | Make a Style Statement!

Hello Everyone. Happy Monday & Veterans Day! 
This statement  necklace is my new favorite accessory,  I just had to wear it! Its definitely makes a Style Statement. I first laid eyes on this beautiful piece this past Saturday where I had the pleasure of attending the very first District Closets event hosted by SpicyCandy DC at Mari Vanna. It was a mini pop up shop of some of my fellow DC bloggers closets including  A Loyal Love, Monalavinia, and the Fashionably Broke, High Fashion 4 Less and a few others. I was so impressed to see one of a kind pieces featured by each blogger. It was so much fun and so happy this statement necklace found a new home in my closet. I decided to wear the statement necklace with this outfit. It is an eclectic look that compliments the necklace in a casual chic and cool way. The sunglasses also give the look that magic touch. Enjoy!

Style | The Luxe Sweatshirt

The Luxe Sweatshirt

The Luxe Sweatshirt by styledbykesha featuring loose tops

Hello Everyone, Happy Friday!
If you haven't noticed,  I have been styling the Luxe Sweatshirt this week, and I am loving it. It definitely has been upgraded and has a comfortable, cozy and stylish factor all wrapped in one.If you are like me, every  fashion season  whether fall or spring, I like to try  some trends that I think would work for my personal style and/or my wardrobe and can be styled  multiple ways. Since fall is about layering I knew the Sweatshirt would be a great addition to my wardrobe. It is a trend that is all about using luxury materials, embellishments and other touches that give it a step away from sporty to stylish edge. Sweatshirts is a chic alternative to the basic knit sweater. This trend is a versatile style that can be dressed up or dressed down for about any occasion. It can be styled the same way you would style a basic knit sweater or long sleeve tee. I also have two ways that i styled the Sweatshirt that go from day to night, may these outfit inspirations dare you to try the trend for yourself. Enjoy!
Get the Sweatshirt: Jeweled Sweatshirt: JCrew | Bib Necklace Sweatshirt: JCrew

What to Wear When Networking

 Hello Everyone, Its Wednesday!
Last week, I had the pleasure of  attending  a Worn Creative networking event called Creative Capitol where creatives and entrepreneurs make meet, mingle and make connections that are mutually beneficial.  There were a lot of  professionals, entrepreneurs, photographers, bloggers, designers and stylists all in one place making it happen. I truly enjoyed myself and most importantly made some contacts. As to what I wore I was inspired by this fall's latest  fashion trend the Sweatshirt. I like how the jeweled Old Navy Sweatshirt compliments my pleated skirt and the leather jacket gives the outfit a stylish edge. I loved the way the entire look came together and elevated  it to be chic and glamorous.

Fall Fashion in Layers

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday! 
There are  only  two reason I love the Fall Season, one  is the changing colors of leaves. They go from green, to orange, Red and Yellow, some trees have all four colors an ombre look of color and its gorgeousness. The Second is Fall Fashion in particular Layering. It is the perfect weather and season for it. This layered look I wore to an early morning Church service, its the perfect way to start my Sunday. It teaches and reminds me that life is more than life here on earth. The outfit was inspired by the season and I styled my Phillip Lim Boom Sweatshirt with green skinny jeans and my favorite striped blazer. I also loved the way my red Parisian handbag added to complete my stylish fall fashioned layered look.
What are your favorite reasons you love the fall season?