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Fall Essential Jackets

Happy Monday All! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Last week was a preview of whats to come the windy, cold breezes of late fall and early winter. So what do you wear when you don't want to wear a coat just yet. You surely wear layers of sweaters and fall jackets of course.  I have selected my six favorite jackets  that are essentials in   the ultimate stylish Fall Wardrobe. I have also created  stylish outfit inspirations to give you a few ideas.
Get the Jacket: Trench Coat: Coach (similar) | Leather Jacket:YouHeShe | Denim Jacket: JCrew | Blazer:Ted Baker-London (similar)| Tweed Jacket: Shop Nouvelles (similar)| Utilitarian All weather  Jacket: Madewell 

Outfit | Blue Elephant Graphic Print Scarf & Get Styled By Me

 Happy Monday! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

 Happy Half Birthday to me! Its amazing how much time flies, my life has been so fun lately I'm excited to explore the second half of my year. My weekend was epic I am still trying to recover because it took all my energy and then some and I enjoyed every minute of it. I love this Blue Elephant print scarf. I have worn in so many times since I laid eyes on it in the Boutique. It gives this simple outfit a bit of pizzazz and fun. I mean don't you love it , its just one of a kind. Its an outfit I wore on Sunday. I also love my grey blue suede mini wedges that steps up the casual white tee and blue skinny jeans look that matches my ever changing style personality. I have exciting news below, its a new journey that involves you my readers. So please do read more...! 

Week In Review

Hello Everyone, TGIF!
I had a fantastic week, I have definitely changed the way I look at things in my life that has given me a new perspective and renewed energy to go full steam ahead to work towards the goals and dreams I want to accomplish in my life.

Outfit | What to Wear when you're Olivia Pope

 Hello Everyone, Happy Wednesday to you!
I love this outfit. I feel like I can conquer anything and look good doing it.  I am definitely feeling like Olivia Pope on Scandal. My sister said that as she was taking these photos.  As I continue with my fall series "What to Wear When" one of the fall trends this season that I'm so excited about  is  grey as the new neutral and as I thought about the trend, it suddenly came together all in my head. Wearing the grey dress as the focus with other neutrals really made it stand out.  The Trench Coat, Black pumps, and bright red handbag really take the grey to another level. Its fashion and style magic. I would definitely wear this outfit to the office and / or creative business meeting.  Don't you all just love this outfit! I do too! Enjoy!

Style | Green Pants 2 Ways

Hello Everyone, Welcome Back to Two Ways Tuesdays. 
One of my favorite things to do with my style is to use my creativity and wear one item multiple ways. Its what makes my closet interesting and functional and having essential pieces like these will help expand and grow my personal sense of style. The first outfit on the left, I would wear on a lunch date and/ or a creative business meeting/ blogger event. The second outfit I would wear to do errands and/or a movie, or hanging out with friends. Either way it plays into my eclectic style personality. What do you all think? 

Green Pants 2 Ways

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Outfit | Green Polka Dots

 Hello Everyone, Happy Monday!
I love this Green polka dot blouse I bought on impulse. Its one of those purchases I do not regret. As soon as I laid my eyes on it I knew I had to wear it the next day. This outfit is definitely inspired by the beautiful changing colors of falling Autumn leaves from trees. I also paired it with this beautiful red handbag that reminds me so much of a classic Celine bag. Its all kinds of fabulous! Don't you think?

Outfit: | Midi Length

Hello Everyone. Happy Friday! 
 I thought I would share this beautiful dress I wore when late last summer, its a  perfect dress as a guide to transition you to the new season of Fall.So last Summer, I became obsessed with Hautelook and when I saw this dress I jumped for glee as I immediately purchased it. You know with these flash sales websites, decisions are made quick and bank accounts are getting depleted fast especially mine, that's why it was an obsession that only lasted about a week! LOL! Anyway, I gained a beautiful floral colorful  midi length dress perfect for either fall or Spring/Summer because it does not look like you are trying to hard to be all about one season when the weather does not reflect it yet. I kept it simple and styled the dress with nude heels I got on sale and a gold necklace a gift from my mother. Yes its a map of the Congo, I carry it close to my heart. I can't wait to see what this new season has in store for all of us out there.

Scarf Inspired Outfits

Fall is all about adding small accessories as we transition to cooler weather. And my favorite part of Fall is all the beautiful scarves that invade the boutique windows and retail shops large and small. They all seem to embrace the one and only fabulous scarf. As Scarf Season is settles in I thought I would give you all my readers inspired outfits all centered around the fall essential, the scarf! Whether its thick and heavy wool or  lightweight and printed or pashmina shawl type, silky and smooth and expensive.  I will show you how styled the scarf last fall and winter. I hope this inspires you to create fabulous outfits and most importantly effortlessly suits your eclectic style personality.

Style | What to Wear when its Summer going to Fall?

Hello Everyone, Its Wednesday!   
I loved the warm weather last week!  It took me back to those summer days I spent as a child growing up in  Johannesburg, South Africa.  However, I think I am ready for fall, like most of us, I have started to transition slowly out of summer and into fall. I definitely  don't want to get overwhelmed and start wearing knee high boots in 80 degree weather like I have seen on these streets, those people shall remain anonymous.Lol! After doing  a little research on a couple of fashion websites and my favorite bloggers websites and found a lot of inspiration and a few tips on how to transition stylishly with ease. This week I decided to focus on a Fall color palette with the color of the season: Green. 

Favorites | September 2013

 Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Monthly Favorites
This fall I have decided to start something new. Since September came and went so fast, and we are already in our second week in October I thought I share my favorites purchases and finds I have tried and am loving so much.  I hope you enjoy. 

Indian Summer

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday! 
This entire first week of October has been a week of beautiful summer weather, and it seems like summer is here to stay, but i know that it can change so fast. As this is one of the last weekends of warm weather, I was inspired to go lady like for this outfit and when I saw this skirt. from J Crew in my closet that I have never worn. I got it for sale last year at an end of summer sale. Its so pretty, I really felt like a beauty ready to conquer the world of my dreams and goals in nude heels. I hope the weather stays just a little longer as you see  I have a few plans in the forseeable future that needs good warm fall weather and not the cold reminder that winter is just a few weeks away. How are you enjoying your Indian Summer?