Outfit | Thrifted Floral

 Happy Wednesday!

You know when the everything comes together without even trying. When shopping seems like a breeze and everything fits just right.  A couple of weeks ago, My dear friend/blogger JMP of AuBonPrix took me to a gigantic thrift store and this is what I found, this floral skirt. It was so beautiful when I picked it up and then when i tried it on, it fit perfectly, i knew the skirt had found a new home, my closet. I also met an Instagrammer/Vlogger friend in real life xoDVF she too was shopping and I had a lovely conversation with her too. Its amazing when life hands you moments like these, such a memorable day of shopping and fun. 

Weekend | March On Washington (50th)

 Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

One of the cool things about living in the Washington DC metro area, is you get to be part of historical events such as the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. It was so cool being in the midst of history when once again like-minded people come together to and remember what MLK.Jr stood for and how we need to take action for future generations and making life better for others.

Outfit | What to wear as an Auntie

*Photo c/o: A Weekend Visit
Happy Wednesday Everyone! 
When do you know what to wear when you are spending time with nieces and nephews. You don't have to sacrifice your personal style for being around children.  I became an Auntie in my early twenties, so I should be a seasoned professional and  the proud Auntie of three. What I have figured out is that you should be you and wear what you would wear anyway, cause when you look good you feel good. Below I have styled three chic and comfortable outfits that are great for any fun occasions spent with family.  Please Enjoy! 

Outfit | Black &White

 Hello Everyone, Happy Monday!

As for outfits this week, I decided on a completely black &white even down to my pedicure. Its one of the easiest ways to look so on trend without even trying. As the weather starts to change and we get ready for fall. I look most forward to light layers and ankle boots. But for now I am going to enjoy the last few weeks  of summer.

Fashion | Kinshasa Fashion Week 2013

Happy Monday Everyone, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. 

I had the extraordinary opportunity to attend and view the very first Kinshasa Fashion Week, in the Congolese capital late last month. It was everything Congolese fashion and style is meant to be, filled with exceptionally talented Congolese and other African Fashion Designers showcasing colorful, vibrant, intricate detailing artistry in one of a kind collections. It was fantastic, well done and  professional like it has been done for years. I was so impressed. Kinshasa Fashion Week definitely introduced herself with an long lasting impression that has inspired me to challenge myself and get even more creative. Below, I selected  three of my favorite pieces from my favorite collections. Please Enjoy! 

What to Wear to an African Wedding

Happy Wednesday Everyone, 

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity of attending a Nigerian Wedding and the best part is wearing a unique African design tailored just for me and I love wearing an outfit inspired by my African heritage.

Outfit | JetLagged

Happy Monday Everyone,

I'm so jetlagged! Can you tell? What do you wear when your mind hasn't caught up with your body after a 14 hour flight and literally no rest! If you were me, it would be African printed pajama pants and a white tank, and almost no jewelry, its me but not completely. What do you think of my outfit?