Floral Casual

 Hello Everyone, Happy Wednesday!
I love this Floral Print Blouse and when the entire outfit of the day came to me in a dream I knew that it was meant to worn and of course featured on the blog. The Floral print blouse was purchased this Spring, and it totally makes the whole outfit and gives it another sophisticated level of perfect fashion harmony. I hope you get inspired by this outfit too cause, its definitely "giving me life abundantly"! Lol!! 

Outfit | A Weekend Visit

Happy Monday Everyone

Outfit | Life in a day

Hello Everyone. Happy Wednesday! 

Three years ago, on this day back in 2010. I was inspired to participate in the Life in a Day Youtube project. So I spent the day on a mission to record my life in a day, in the span of 24 hours. It was a risk worth taking for me. And I loved it. It sparked a new sense of passion within me. It was a capsule of memories that I could treasure forever for me and my future generations. Three years later here I am, blogging and now embarking on a new path of video blogging through a world called YouTube. Its amazing how one moment can change your future, and in this case its all for the better. 

Outfit | So Wear To?

 Hello Everyone, Happy Monday! 

 On a  recent family trip to South Africa with my family, I picked up this unique Afrochic T-shirt from a local South African boutique called SoWearTO. I like wearing Afrochic contemporary clothing its definitely  part of style personality and has unique elements of pattern mixing of combs,houndstooth and colors that I love. As soon as I saw it I knew it had to be part of my life and a new member of my treasured closet.

Reflections: | A Style Adventure Two Years later


 Hello Everyone. Happy Wednesday! 

 Two years ago I started this blog. It was month of July and I was craving for something new to do, to inspire me to grow creatively and passionately. I had  just discovered the world of blogging and was inspired by my  my two favorite blogs Wendy's Lookbook and What I Wore. So I jumped in. I published my very first blog post and lets say the rest is history. And what a two years it was been. Everyday is a learning process and I am excited to continue to share my creative passions with everyone who loves style and fashion. this is my creative space as a way to document my personal style,passions, inspirations and everything in between. So far it was changed me for the better and I cant wait to see what the next year has in store.

Outfit | Stop & Strike a Style Pose!

  Hello Everyone. Happy Monday

The best part about being a style blogger is that you get to be the model and the wardrobe stylist and the most fun is striking all those poses as onlookers stare in curiosity, excitement and amusement. I found this stop sign very near my house and I loved it. Its has all the  unique interesting elements of a great Styled by Kesha blog photoshoot. The outfit is easy breezy with a little diva flair and glamour and has turned out to be one of my favorite outfits this Summer. It makes this blogging journey of mine all the more fun and exciting.

Two Ways: Distressed Denim

Hello Everyone. Happy Wednesday!

 Distressed Denim are one of my favorites in the Summertime. It has such an easy breezy way to enjoy those many sunshine filled days. this week, I have styled this jeans with a simple t-shirt and some ethnic accessories that really gives the outfit a stylish bohemian feel. What do you think?

Outfit| An Easy Breezy Summer Maxi

 Happy Monday Everyone.

I love this Dress. Its an easy breezy dress that looks and feels amazing when the warm breeze touches its beautiful silk. Its an statement dress. It makes me feel  happy, elegant, stylish and sophisticated. Its a dress that withstands the test of time because its goes with every fashion season and I will wear it until I cant anymore. Love love love it.  The End. 

OOTD Video | Denim Leopard Denim


Hello Everyone. Happy Wednesday to you. 

Guess what? Do you see this video above, its a outfit of the day video that I recently uploaded onto my brand new Youtube Fashion/ Style channel. After watching countless videos was so inspired to join in and create my own. I am going to use this channel to push and motivate myself creatively so that I can grow and be a better person. So please join me as a embark on a new and exciting journey.

Two Ways: | Denim Jacket

Hello Everyone, Happy Summer!