Outfit | African Roots

 Hello Everyone, Happy Summer. 
 This Sunday, June 30th is the celebration of the 53rd Independence day of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. My African Heritage/Roots begins and continues to be a vital part of my everyday life.  This beautiful tailor made African Ensemble was made just for me in 2010 and its still one of my favorites. It reminds me of what's important which is family and that's where my heart truly lies.

Featuring,"The Ghana Bag"

Hello Everyone. Happy Thursday! 

Outfit | African Flair

Hello Everyone. Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was great! 

Do you see that beautiful African  crossbody bag, isnt it goregous? I love it! It really keeps me connected to my African (Congolese) heritage and I love expressing it through my style personality. This is what I wore to Georgetown for a little window shopping and browsing on Saturday with my sister. It has an African flair written all over it. As I have started this blogging journey I have really discovered my inspiration and passion for Contemporary African  fashion and I have started to style my outfits to include these unique African accessories and jewelry. I'm excited to see how my style continues to evolve. Please enjoy pics below...

Pop of Red

 Hello Everyone, 
I hope you all had a great weekend. Red has always been one of my favorite colors and since its summer time, and bright colors are all over the place, I thought I would jump in full force. This outfit started with red pants and everything centered around it. Red Pants plus Ankara plus South African Bracelets plus my DIVA like Sunglasses (you know you love them too) equals to my version of a Early Summertime outfit.

Outfit: | Pencil Skirt POWER!

Hello Everyone, I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Can you believe its June! We are now officially 6 months into 2013. Surely time flies when you are enjoying yourself. This is what I wore on Sunday and everyone, including my friends was LOVING IT!