Creative Spontaneity

Hey Everyone, You know when you feel good, you look good that is how I feel about this outfit I wore this past weekend on a sunny, chilly day in May.

 Outfit: Sunglasses: Nordstrom | Blazer Jacket: Mint Velvet ( like this) | Skinny Leopard Belt: Madewell (like this) (similar) | Lavender Silk Cami Blouse: Madewell | Printed Pants: Forever 21 | Nude Heels: Zara (similar) | Essie Nail Color: In the Cabana | Watch: Micheal Kors | Bracelets: Ten Thousands Villages |

This is an outfit I wore on the Cinqo de Mayo. I didn't attend any parties, or festivities regarding this unofficial holiday that everyone in America tends to celebrate but I wore it on a chilly & sunny day in May. I attended church as I usually do on Sundays and then went on my first visit to Founding Farmers with my sister and we had the very delicious blackened chicken wings and can I say I was just chowing them down one right after another. But anyway more about my outfit, I started off with my favorite color purple and picked out the pieces that went with it.  Its definitely one I put together as a result of trial and error. My creativity lives in the spontaneous and there it brings out my true style personality.

What is your creative process in putting together an outfit?

Thank you for Reading. Until next time.

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