Birthday Fabulousness

Hello Everyone,
This past weekend, I celebrated another wonderful birthday. And I thought I would share an excerpt from one of my birthday cards and I hope it inspires you the way it touched my heart.

 "Life is an adventure. We must have a taste for it to some extent, since all adventure is going into the unknown. If we always know exactly where we're going, how to get there and what we'll see or experience along the way, it isn't an adventure. It is human and smart to be afraid of the unknown to be at least a tiny bit scared when embarking on an adventure. But it is only from adventures that we learn much of significance, where we can be exposed to new, the excited and unexpected." 
 - Dr Peck, A Road Less Traveled.

For this my birthday this year I wanted to explore Philadelphia so my sister, brother and I made the short 2 hour road trip to the home of the Liberty bell.We explored, we discovered, we even ate Philly cheesesteaks, and most of all we laughed and bonded as all siblings do and for me it was the best way to spend my birthday.

 Outfit: Brown Leather Jacket( Borrowed): Mango (similar) | Scarf: Burberry | Sunglasses: I AM Accessories | Sweater (old): Madewell | Gold Necklaces: Gifted & Madewell | Patterned Pants: Forever 21 (like these) | Shoes: Madewell | Crossbody Leather Purse: Brooks Brothers (on sale) | Wristwatch: Micheal Kors 

Cheers to another fabulous year!
 Thank you for Reading. Until Next time.

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