Birthday Fabulousness

Hello Everyone,
This past weekend, I celebrated another wonderful birthday. And I thought I would share an excerpt from one of my birthday cards and I hope it inspires you the way it touched my heart.

 "Life is an adventure. We must have a taste for it to some extent, since all adventure is going into the unknown. If we always know exactly where we're going, how to get there and what we'll see or experience along the way, it isn't an adventure. It is human and smart to be afraid of the unknown to be at least a tiny bit scared when embarking on an adventure. But it is only from adventures that we learn much of significance, where we can be exposed to new, the excited and unexpected." 
 - Dr Peck, A Road Less Traveled.

Outfit of the Day | Minty Casual

WELCOME to  my first OOTD Video!
These past few days have been a summer preview of warmer days to come 
and I call this outfit "Minty Casual" Enjoy!! 

Summer Preview

Hello Everyone, This is what I call Mint Casual!

Five Things..about me

Hello, Happy Friday to you all!
I was recently inspired by this blogger tag floating around in cyber space (aka Internet) and thought it would be fun to share 5 cool facts about me. Haha! Hope you enjoy and share/tag this with your friends too.

April Fools...LOL

The most wasted of all days in one without laughter
- ee cummings 

Have you played a joke on anyone today? Well I have, It has had me laughing so hard tears have been streaming down my face ever since; I successfully fooled certain very guillible family members. Maybe I  should have become a comedian of some sort. Ha! LOL. After all the planning for about a day or so. It made them smile and chuckle and even laugh as they realized the story was all a joke. It feels good to put a smile on another person's face and most importantly make them laugh. 

Its a great way to start off the beautiful month of April, wishing you all out there a Fantastic thirty days of productivity, fun in the sunshine, beautiful flowers and of course warm spring breezes as we welcome a new season and chapter in life. 

Happy April Everyone... 

Thank you for Reading. Until next time. 

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