A Winter Birthday Tea Party

Hello Everyone, Happy New  Year's Eve! 

On every last day of the Year, I always get to celebrate my first and best friend in the whole world my little sister, Feza. She is the photographer behind this blog and on her birthday, I want to celebrate her and how grateful I am to be her big sister and so grateful that I have such a wonderful sister like her. This year, we celebrated her birthday with friends and had a fabulous British Style  Afternoon Winter Tea Party in a small town and historical cottage in Virginia. I hope you enjoy the many beautiful moments we shared through the photos shared below. It was indeed a fabulous beautiful birthday party that we all loved. 

A Look Back at Life Lessons and my Favorite Outfits of 2013

Hello Everyone, Today I am saying Goodbye to 2013,

I can't believe that I am writing this blog post and looking back at my year of life lessons and my favorite outfits of 2013. January was Yesterday and in just another day or so we will enter a new Year 2014 and another new beginning. Time truly flies when you are living life to the fullest and having fun.
This past year I wanted to be more committed to my blog and post more fabulous outfits that challenge my personal sense of style.I posted three outfit of the day Youtube Videos that I definitely want to continue into the new year with more fashion videos. Looking back now at all the outfits I styled and created I feel like I did that, I am more fabulous than ever and accomplished my goals. I also started my facebook page and my blog has grown with more readers and fans and I am so grateful for all. I also added and started new features to my blog called What to Wear When, Wardrobe Essentials and Reflections that focus on outfits for specific life events, or special occasions, All the wardrobe essentials every fashionista needs in her closet and all life lessons I have learned throughout the seasons and year. 2013 is being called my year of clarity because I became more of myself, confident, comfortable in my own skin and aware of new things in my life. Its been about acceptance, and peace to appreciate where my life at the present moment.

Click the link below each photo for the full outfit details....

Full Outfit Details: On Holiday | Style & Confidence 

I Wish You A Very Merry Christmas!

Here's a quote that is the true meaning and Spirit of Christmas,

“Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.”  – Janice Maeditere
Wishing you all  a Very Merry Christmas! 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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What to Wear When its Christmas Day

Hello, Everyone, Merry Christmas Eve!
There are three scenarios that are standard on Christmas Day. After 364 days of waiting and 30 days of shopping and setting up the perfect Christmas tree and decorations, anticipation has come to this Christmas Morning when opening all your presents and a fabulous hearty Christmas Breakfast. After all the surprises have been revealed and hugs have been given and heart felt hallmark cards been exchanged its time for Christmas Church Service. Then after the Christmas message and Singing Carols with your family and friends, its time to gather round the Christmas table for Christmas Dinner and looking stylish, chic is important in all these family events. Below I have three amazingly stylish and chic outfit inspirations for your viewing pleasure. I hope these outfits inspire you to look your best and most importantly enjoy quality time with family and close friends.

Opening presents and Christmas Breakfast

Opening Christmas Presents

Opening Christmas Presents by styledbykesha featuring button shirts

What do you Wear When Opening Presents Christmas Morning? If you don't want to wear PJs, these two festive comfortable outfits will make a statement without feeling overdressed.

Outfit Details: Knitted Cream Sweater: TopShop | Knitted Reindeer Leggings: TopShop | Rudolph Reindeer Print Sweater: ChiaraFashion    (similar) | Black Jersey Leggings: My Wardrobe (similar) | White T-Shirt: ShopZoeOnline | Scarf: Pieces (similar) | Denim Shirt: Nelly | Moccasins: Swell

Outfit | What to Wear When its a Winter Wonderland

Hello Everyone, Happy Wednesday!
What a beautiful way to wake up to a Snowy Winter Wonderland! I was not expecting snow again after Sunday's first snow and I was inspired to take photos in this Weekday Winter Wonderland. My favorite part of the snow is how they look on the trees that once had the beautiful fall leaves. They are so pretty as the snow has found a temporary resting places as it fell so far away from the clouds way up above. Of course this is the outfit I cam up with that is not snow friendly but fabulous nonetheless. This outfit is accompanied by my favorite flower pencil skirt that I think I have worn every season this year. The White Knit Sweater and Trench coat bring the Winter Weather inspired outfit all together as a sophisticated chic look and vibe. Hope you Enjoy!

What to Wear When Holiday Shopping

What to Wear When Holiday Shopping

What to Wear When Holiday Shopping by styledbykesha featuring a statement necklace

Hello Everyone, Happy Friday!
With Christmas just 19 days away,  and  the second weekend of Christmas shopping in full swing, I thought it would be nice to give you all outfit inspiration as to what to wear when you begin or continue your holiday shopping this month. This stylish outfit is highlighted by the chunky cream cowl neck sweater, bib statement necklace and red checkered Peacoat that gives the outfit the cool factor. It definitely also an early dinner outfit with friends after hours of shopping.  You can definitely go all out and fashion forward since you will not be trying anything on and totally not thinking yourself of course but all those good friends and family who mean so much to you. 

Outfit Details: Cowl neck Sweater: H&M  | Checkered Peacoat: JCrew  (similar)(similar) |  Boyfriend Jeans: Frame Denim (similar)| Bib Statement  Necklace: Kate Spade via Shopbop | Ankle Booties: TopShop (like these) | Buckle Crossbody Bag: Pacsun | 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Reflections | Tata Madiba (aka Nelson Mandela)

*Image via Guardianlv
Hello Everyone,
On a day like this, I wanted to dedicate my blog to a great leader that inspires me and has had a great impact on my  life and childhood. I will celebrate the life of a forever legacy Tata Madiba Nelson Mandela.  I had the privilege and honor of living under this great first black South African President.

A Thanksgiving Weekend

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday!

I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving Weekend. I had a blast, my family surprised my sister and I as they blessed us with presence to celebrate the holiday together. It was so nice to enjoy and spend some quality time together as this is rare in our everyday lives. I am grateful for everything in my life at this present moment and appreciate it to its fullest I saw this quote through Pinterest, I knew that it was a perfect way to describe the overall feeling of  my Thanksgiving weekend.  There is so much more to be grateful for than to complain about if you'll just appreciate the little gifts He gives you.Gratefulness starts with your attitude and its important to stay positive as we go through our lives despite circumstances and experiences.As I get older, I now know that Life is about the experiences we have individually and through the relationships we create. 
I had a fabulous time with my little niece, it was so much fun to see the world through her eyes and enjoy our little conversations together.  November came and went and I cant believe its December and less than 25 days until Christmas and New Years right after that. Time really flies when you are having fun, living each moment and enjoying it. This year I enjoyed every moment and grateful for everyday. Cant wait to see whats in store for 2014. I look forward to continue to grow my career, my blog and business in the New Year and just continue to improve and grow into the professional I aspire to be. I want to thank my amazing photographer, my sister Feza for taking photos of me every weekend.I am also grateful for you my readers and my Facebook fans and other social media followers. It nice to know that you appreciate the effort I put into each of these blog posts. 

For more inspiration, Check out my Pinterest Boards  for more inspiring quotes, outfit ideas and much more. 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Outfit| What to Wear When its Freezing!

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday!
I'm back with another outfit, I can't believe Thanksgiving is this Thursday! And I am so grateful  for all of you.I will have more gratefulness on Thursday. Anyway, it has been absolutely freezing, unbearable especially when the wind blows. It has been moving the branches, fallen leaves and trees back and forth so aggressively. This is the outfit I decided on today purely based on warmth and a shield from this freeze front they call wintery weather mix, umm yeah right! Its funny how the weather almost always dictates first your outfit options and secondly your decisions you make in life especially when a task is needed to get done. As my sister and I finished up our morning errands after church service, we quickly decided to take these photos on the balcony, so that we could run back anytime the weather got unbearable.  In the end I am also glad that we still got sunlight and a nice background and mostly the great photos you see here. Enjoy!

Style | Six Pairs of Jeans for your Wardrobe

Wardrobe Essential Jeans

Wardrobe Essential Jeans by styledbykesha featuring stretch jeans

Hello Everyone, Happy Wednesday!
This week I decided to focus on one of my favorite Wardrobe Essentials: Jeans. I love jeans. I  love them so much that I wear them sometimes 7 days of the week. I love the way they make me feel.THey are comfortable, they suck you in all the right places. I love their versatility and flexibility to be perfect for most situationsnd life events. Even when you wear the same pair every day of the week no one will notice because you wore it 7 different ways.
Get these Jeans: Straight Leg Jeans: Monsoon (favorite:the Gap ) | Skinny Jeans: Jack Wills (favorite: Madewell) | Colored Jeans: Topshop ( favorite: Uniqlo) | Boyfriend Jeans: TOPSHOP (favorite: The Gap) | Ankle Jeans: Nordstrom (favorite: Madewell) | Jeggings: Forever New ( favorite: J Brand or the Gap) |

The beautiful thing about Fall/Winter season that I can appreciate is the luxury of layering especially with a good pair of jeans. The best thing is they are versatile enough to be dressed either up or down. The best way to keep warm is to layer up and why not do it with some style basics and unique statement pieces and accessories and of course your favorite pair of jeans. Below, I have styled six of my favorite pairs of Jeans for your viewing pleasure and Outfit Inspirations.

Outfit | Make a Style Statement!

Hello Everyone. Happy Monday & Veterans Day! 
This statement  necklace is my new favorite accessory,  I just had to wear it! Its definitely makes a Style Statement. I first laid eyes on this beautiful piece this past Saturday where I had the pleasure of attending the very first District Closets event hosted by SpicyCandy DC at Mari Vanna. It was a mini pop up shop of some of my fellow DC bloggers closets including  A Loyal Love, Monalavinia, and the Fashionably Broke, High Fashion 4 Less and a few others. I was so impressed to see one of a kind pieces featured by each blogger. It was so much fun and so happy this statement necklace found a new home in my closet. I decided to wear the statement necklace with this outfit. It is an eclectic look that compliments the necklace in a casual chic and cool way. The sunglasses also give the look that magic touch. Enjoy!

Style | The Luxe Sweatshirt

The Luxe Sweatshirt

The Luxe Sweatshirt by styledbykesha featuring loose tops

Hello Everyone, Happy Friday!
If you haven't noticed,  I have been styling the Luxe Sweatshirt this week, and I am loving it. It definitely has been upgraded and has a comfortable, cozy and stylish factor all wrapped in one.If you are like me, every  fashion season  whether fall or spring, I like to try  some trends that I think would work for my personal style and/or my wardrobe and can be styled  multiple ways. Since fall is about layering I knew the Sweatshirt would be a great addition to my wardrobe. It is a trend that is all about using luxury materials, embellishments and other touches that give it a step away from sporty to stylish edge. Sweatshirts is a chic alternative to the basic knit sweater. This trend is a versatile style that can be dressed up or dressed down for about any occasion. It can be styled the same way you would style a basic knit sweater or long sleeve tee. I also have two ways that i styled the Sweatshirt that go from day to night, may these outfit inspirations dare you to try the trend for yourself. Enjoy!
Get the Sweatshirt: Jeweled Sweatshirt: JCrew | Bib Necklace Sweatshirt: JCrew

What to Wear When Networking

 Hello Everyone, Its Wednesday!
Last week, I had the pleasure of  attending  a Worn Creative networking event called Creative Capitol where creatives and entrepreneurs make meet, mingle and make connections that are mutually beneficial.  There were a lot of  professionals, entrepreneurs, photographers, bloggers, designers and stylists all in one place making it happen. I truly enjoyed myself and most importantly made some contacts. As to what I wore I was inspired by this fall's latest  fashion trend the Sweatshirt. I like how the jeweled Old Navy Sweatshirt compliments my pleated skirt and the leather jacket gives the outfit a stylish edge. I loved the way the entire look came together and elevated  it to be chic and glamorous.

Fall Fashion in Layers

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday! 
There are  only  two reason I love the Fall Season, one  is the changing colors of leaves. They go from green, to orange, Red and Yellow, some trees have all four colors an ombre look of color and its gorgeousness. The Second is Fall Fashion in particular Layering. It is the perfect weather and season for it. This layered look I wore to an early morning Church service, its the perfect way to start my Sunday. It teaches and reminds me that life is more than life here on earth. The outfit was inspired by the season and I styled my Phillip Lim Boom Sweatshirt with green skinny jeans and my favorite striped blazer. I also loved the way my red Parisian handbag added to complete my stylish fall fashioned layered look.
What are your favorite reasons you love the fall season?

Style | Wardrobe Essential Fall Jackets & Outfits

Fall Essential Jackets

Happy Monday All! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Last week was a preview of whats to come the windy, cold breezes of late fall and early winter. So what do you wear when you don't want to wear a coat just yet. You surely wear layers of sweaters and fall jackets of course.  I have selected my six favorite jackets  that are essentials in   the ultimate stylish Fall Wardrobe. I have also created  stylish outfit inspirations to give you a few ideas.
Get the Jacket: Trench Coat: Coach (similar) | Leather Jacket:YouHeShe | Denim Jacket: JCrew | Blazer:Ted Baker-London (similar)| Tweed Jacket: Shop Nouvelles (similar)| Utilitarian All weather  Jacket: Madewell 

Outfit | Blue Elephant Graphic Print Scarf & Get Styled By Me

 Happy Monday! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

 Happy Half Birthday to me! Its amazing how much time flies, my life has been so fun lately I'm excited to explore the second half of my year. My weekend was epic I am still trying to recover because it took all my energy and then some and I enjoyed every minute of it. I love this Blue Elephant print scarf. I have worn in so many times since I laid eyes on it in the Boutique. It gives this simple outfit a bit of pizzazz and fun. I mean don't you love it , its just one of a kind. Its an outfit I wore on Sunday. I also love my grey blue suede mini wedges that steps up the casual white tee and blue skinny jeans look that matches my ever changing style personality. I have exciting news below, its a new journey that involves you my readers. So please do read more...! 

Week In Review

Hello Everyone, TGIF!
I had a fantastic week, I have definitely changed the way I look at things in my life that has given me a new perspective and renewed energy to go full steam ahead to work towards the goals and dreams I want to accomplish in my life.

Outfit | What to Wear when you're Olivia Pope

 Hello Everyone, Happy Wednesday to you!
I love this outfit. I feel like I can conquer anything and look good doing it.  I am definitely feeling like Olivia Pope on Scandal. My sister said that as she was taking these photos.  As I continue with my fall series "What to Wear When" one of the fall trends this season that I'm so excited about  is  grey as the new neutral and as I thought about the trend, it suddenly came together all in my head. Wearing the grey dress as the focus with other neutrals really made it stand out.  The Trench Coat, Black pumps, and bright red handbag really take the grey to another level. Its fashion and style magic. I would definitely wear this outfit to the office and / or creative business meeting.  Don't you all just love this outfit! I do too! Enjoy!

Style | Green Pants 2 Ways

Hello Everyone, Welcome Back to Two Ways Tuesdays. 
One of my favorite things to do with my style is to use my creativity and wear one item multiple ways. Its what makes my closet interesting and functional and having essential pieces like these will help expand and grow my personal sense of style. The first outfit on the left, I would wear on a lunch date and/ or a creative business meeting/ blogger event. The second outfit I would wear to do errands and/or a movie, or hanging out with friends. Either way it plays into my eclectic style personality. What do you all think? 

Green Pants 2 Ways

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time.
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Outfit | Green Polka Dots

 Hello Everyone, Happy Monday!
I love this Green polka dot blouse I bought on impulse. Its one of those purchases I do not regret. As soon as I laid my eyes on it I knew I had to wear it the next day. This outfit is definitely inspired by the beautiful changing colors of falling Autumn leaves from trees. I also paired it with this beautiful red handbag that reminds me so much of a classic Celine bag. Its all kinds of fabulous! Don't you think?

Outfit: | Midi Length

Hello Everyone. Happy Friday! 
 I thought I would share this beautiful dress I wore when late last summer, its a  perfect dress as a guide to transition you to the new season of Fall.So last Summer, I became obsessed with Hautelook and when I saw this dress I jumped for glee as I immediately purchased it. You know with these flash sales websites, decisions are made quick and bank accounts are getting depleted fast especially mine, that's why it was an obsession that only lasted about a week! LOL! Anyway, I gained a beautiful floral colorful  midi length dress perfect for either fall or Spring/Summer because it does not look like you are trying to hard to be all about one season when the weather does not reflect it yet. I kept it simple and styled the dress with nude heels I got on sale and a gold necklace a gift from my mother. Yes its a map of the Congo, I carry it close to my heart. I can't wait to see what this new season has in store for all of us out there.

Scarf Inspired Outfits

Fall is all about adding small accessories as we transition to cooler weather. And my favorite part of Fall is all the beautiful scarves that invade the boutique windows and retail shops large and small. They all seem to embrace the one and only fabulous scarf. As Scarf Season is settles in I thought I would give you all my readers inspired outfits all centered around the fall essential, the scarf! Whether its thick and heavy wool or  lightweight and printed or pashmina shawl type, silky and smooth and expensive.  I will show you how styled the scarf last fall and winter. I hope this inspires you to create fabulous outfits and most importantly effortlessly suits your eclectic style personality.

Style | What to Wear when its Summer going to Fall?

Hello Everyone, Its Wednesday!   
I loved the warm weather last week!  It took me back to those summer days I spent as a child growing up in  Johannesburg, South Africa.  However, I think I am ready for fall, like most of us, I have started to transition slowly out of summer and into fall. I definitely  don't want to get overwhelmed and start wearing knee high boots in 80 degree weather like I have seen on these streets, those people shall remain anonymous.Lol! After doing  a little research on a couple of fashion websites and my favorite bloggers websites and found a lot of inspiration and a few tips on how to transition stylishly with ease. This week I decided to focus on a Fall color palette with the color of the season: Green. 

Favorites | September 2013

 Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Monthly Favorites
This fall I have decided to start something new. Since September came and went so fast, and we are already in our second week in October I thought I share my favorites purchases and finds I have tried and am loving so much.  I hope you enjoy. 

Indian Summer

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday! 
This entire first week of October has been a week of beautiful summer weather, and it seems like summer is here to stay, but i know that it can change so fast. As this is one of the last weekends of warm weather, I was inspired to go lady like for this outfit and when I saw this skirt. from J Crew in my closet that I have never worn. I got it for sale last year at an end of summer sale. Its so pretty, I really felt like a beauty ready to conquer the world of my dreams and goals in nude heels. I hope the weather stays just a little longer as you see  I have a few plans in the forseeable future that needs good warm fall weather and not the cold reminder that winter is just a few weeks away. How are you enjoying your Indian Summer?

Reflections | Am I Crazy Enough?

Hello Everyone! Happy Monday! 

When I saw this quote pop up on my Facebook news feed, I knew that I had to share it with you all. The quote speaks to where I am at this moment and time in my life. Am I crazy enough to change the world? Reflections are really life lessons over the past thirty days of life teaching you something greater than what you can ever imagine. 

Fall into Autumn

Happy Monday, Welcome Autumn!
 As Septembers slowly ends and Autumn has arrived officially, I decided to wear my maroon colored sweater dress. Its so girly and I love it. I styled it with this cool geometric print infinity scarf and black strap heels from ZARA since its not very cold yet but a comfortable cool weather. I also have  loving these glasses I was gifted by a very kind person. It gives me a slightly cool trendy type of look, I have literally worn them all weekend! I love them so much. I look forward to the leaves falling with its oranage, yellow and golden brown colors and the cool breezy sunny days of Autumn but not to the much cooler nights and shorter days. I am gonna miss the Summer, but with every season comes a new and exciting beginning.

Outfit | Leopard Print

Hello Everyone! Happy Fall,
 Its officially fall now, I felt the day I wore this outfit.The weather is changing and I am not ready. I realized this when I felt the very cool breeze outside on my balcony that morning,  the summer days are turning into sunny autumn days  which is a nice change since there is the pleasant cool breeze feels so refreshing across my face and cheeks.

Outfit | Rejuvenated

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday! 

You know when you want something but life surprises with something you need. I have been blessed with some much needed family time.  The time has given me a new energy, rejuvenated me and  has given me the motivation to keep on pursuing my dreams and hope that my future is brighter than ever. So this morning I felt inspired and more creative than ever that I decide to style my favorite skirt to start your week off right.  I styled it much more casual this time with a simple t-shirt, flats and a denim jacket accented of course with my favorite color: Purple. 

Outfit | Floral Maxi

Hello Everyone, Happy Day After Labor Day! 

  I love this floral maxi dress from Piperlime, that was gifted to me by my wonderful sister. I worn it three or four times since I got it and I wish I had it at the beginning of the summer to wear it much more. This dress has given me life, and my closet is loving it too! It gives me more incentive to find ways to style it in these last few days in Summer and of course the early days of Fall.

Outfit | Thrifted Floral

 Happy Wednesday!

You know when the everything comes together without even trying. When shopping seems like a breeze and everything fits just right.  A couple of weeks ago, My dear friend/blogger JMP of AuBonPrix took me to a gigantic thrift store and this is what I found, this floral skirt. It was so beautiful when I picked it up and then when i tried it on, it fit perfectly, i knew the skirt had found a new home, my closet. I also met an Instagrammer/Vlogger friend in real life xoDVF she too was shopping and I had a lovely conversation with her too. Its amazing when life hands you moments like these, such a memorable day of shopping and fun. 

Weekend | March On Washington (50th)

 Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

One of the cool things about living in the Washington DC metro area, is you get to be part of historical events such as the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. It was so cool being in the midst of history when once again like-minded people come together to and remember what MLK.Jr stood for and how we need to take action for future generations and making life better for others.

Outfit | What to wear as an Auntie

*Photo c/o: A Weekend Visit
Happy Wednesday Everyone! 
When do you know what to wear when you are spending time with nieces and nephews. You don't have to sacrifice your personal style for being around children.  I became an Auntie in my early twenties, so I should be a seasoned professional and  the proud Auntie of three. What I have figured out is that you should be you and wear what you would wear anyway, cause when you look good you feel good. Below I have styled three chic and comfortable outfits that are great for any fun occasions spent with family.  Please Enjoy! 

Outfit | Black &White

 Hello Everyone, Happy Monday!

As for outfits this week, I decided on a completely black &white even down to my pedicure. Its one of the easiest ways to look so on trend without even trying. As the weather starts to change and we get ready for fall. I look most forward to light layers and ankle boots. But for now I am going to enjoy the last few weeks  of summer.

Fashion | Kinshasa Fashion Week 2013

Happy Monday Everyone, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. 

I had the extraordinary opportunity to attend and view the very first Kinshasa Fashion Week, in the Congolese capital late last month. It was everything Congolese fashion and style is meant to be, filled with exceptionally talented Congolese and other African Fashion Designers showcasing colorful, vibrant, intricate detailing artistry in one of a kind collections. It was fantastic, well done and  professional like it has been done for years. I was so impressed. Kinshasa Fashion Week definitely introduced herself with an long lasting impression that has inspired me to challenge myself and get even more creative. Below, I selected  three of my favorite pieces from my favorite collections. Please Enjoy! 

What to Wear to an African Wedding

Happy Wednesday Everyone, 

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity of attending a Nigerian Wedding and the best part is wearing a unique African design tailored just for me and I love wearing an outfit inspired by my African heritage.