A Sunshine Sunday filled with Blessings

Hey All, I hope you are enjoying your fall so far.  I just love those fall days when its sunny, cool, breezy and showcases its beauty to the fullest.

 This past Sunday, it was an amazing 68 degrees and after a relaxing Sunday morning, I was inspired  to wear this grey dress (a new fall favorite), black ankle booties with purple accents to wear to an afternoon Sunday church service. 

 The message was about " How to Make BAD decisions" yes, I know right "Bad decisions?" Sometimes we always  only think about how to make good decisions in our lives and we never think of how we can learn from others bad decisions and what we can learn from our own as well. Of course this message spoke into my life, mostly the part of when we all "Compare yourself to others." Its so easy to look at others and think the grass is greener, instead counting all the blessings and goodness we have in our own lives. We all have our own path and destiny and looking at others good fortune will distract us from accomplishes our deepest desires and dreams. So, the lesson I learned is to count my blessings, water the grass I live on and live my destiny to the fullest.

 One last thing, I want to thank my sister for taking these beautiful pictures of me. These pictures would not exist without her. A special shoutout to all the blog photographers out there! A BIG HUG to all of you!

Outfit: Grey Dress: Madewell | Scarf: Madewell | Cardigan: Ted Baker  | Sunglasses: Thrifted | Ankle Boots: H&M

Thank you For Reading and all your Support.

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