Graduation: A New Role

We are half way into 2012 and there has already been huge changes in my life so far.  It's new chapter in my life it is where the OLD is my past and the NEW is my future. It is the year where I step into a new role of a college graduate.

My new role is being a Fashion/Retail Management Professional.  I am going to explore this world with my bag full of hope, possibilities,  & opportunities and be the person that I have always wanted to be. I am an aspiring Fashion Stylist and future Boutique Owner with a successful personal style & fashion blog. So far, I have this style blog which I am very passionate about and dedicated to. It's one out of three and a start. So far so good.

Portfolio Show March 2012

 The best thing that has come together is having my family here with me to celebrate my achievement, my parents, brothers and sisters, extended family, my grandmother and friends to see me as I walk across that stage and get that diploma. This is going to be a great week.

I cant wait to share all the highlights of my graduation celebration with you my readers in the very near future... so stay tuned! 

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Thank you for Reading.

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