Summer Blazer: Two Ways

Its the first official day of the Summer and in warm weather,  I usually have a few key pieces in my closet that work in the Summer and Fall seasons. My lightweight pale pink blazer is one  of my favorite pieces that I can be paired with almost anything. I wore this blazer in two different but similiar ways along with my different hair styles . Read more below to get the details of each outfit.

Mint Colored Jeans: 2 Ways

When I saw these minted colored jeans as one of the spring trends this year,  I fell totally in love with the mint color. This is a trend i could definitely incorporate into my wardrobe and style for years to come. Here are two ways I styled these Mint Colored Jeans for the Spring/Summer season.

Weekend Adventures: Sightseeing & The White House

With a family like mine that comes from all over the world to visit you in Washington DC, Sightseeing becomes a regular outing activity. I have become very familiar with showing my family members the main attractions of the District of Columbia. For this weekend adventure, my sister and I were hosting my grandmother. She wanted to see the White House and where the President lives here in the capital.

(Outfit: Purple T-shirt: the Gap, Cardigan: Ted Baker, Sunglasses: H&M, Scarf: the Gap, Sandals: Zara)

For this weekend adventure, I decided to wear something colorful and unique. I paired my mint colored jeans with a purple shirt and a purple cardigan and flats for comfort as walking is an essential part of the day. I love pairing different bright colors together into one outfit, it makes so much more fun especially in the summer time.

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Graduation: A New Role

We are half way into 2012 and there has already been huge changes in my life so far.  It's new chapter in my life it is where the OLD is my past and the NEW is my future. It is the year where I step into a new role of a college graduate.

Fashion: Stella Jean

 Stella Jean Spring 2012 

I love it when I see Fashion editorials like this one. It inspires me to believe that make ethic tribal fashion is modern, sophisticated and chic.  Fashion editorials like this make me proud of my African heritage and how my style is so inherited by it, its the essence of what style means to me.

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The SkirtDress

This photo shoot with photographer friend,  Fabrice Pascale Joesph was my favorite to date. We took these photos on the very first warm day in spring this year. I felt like I was in my element frolicking in the fields of this beautuful mansion in the heart of Rockville, Maryland.
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Casual Sunday

 I do like classic pieces like this classic white shirt I paired with my denim pencil skirt with sparkle sandals and South African earrings that brings detail and color to my outfit. Sometimes color in the details or accessories in your outfit is the way to go.  If you look closely, you will see the subtle detail of my black flower headband. Read more below...

A White Shirt: 2 ways

When I purchase any piece of clothing,  I always try to wear it two ways. I love my white button down shirt, it does go with everything go with everything my closet, its a simple classic that works every time when you think you have nothing to wear.

The Best Banana Bread Ever

 Bananas are my favorite and when it's combined with bread, it makes the best dessert ever in my opinion, the recipe Jacked Up Banana Bread by Smitten Kitchen is the best.  This simple easy to make recipe is a perfect addition to anyone's recipe box or collection.

Try it and you will love it too!


Weekend Adventures: Taste of Georgetown & Sprinkles Cupcakes

The Taste of Georgetown is past Saturday was so much fun . I love spontaneity on a Saturday. We sampled three appetizers from the restaurants of Cafe Bonaparte, Thunder Burger and for desert  Spinkles Cupcakes.

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Feza's Toasted CAM Sandwich

On Sunday afternoons, my sister Feza and I usually make a light lunch after church. This sandwich is a variation of a childhood lunch treat we used to love: the beloved Toasted Cheese & Tomato Sandwich.

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