A Weekend Adventure: Textile Museum

Weekend Adventures are always so much fun. I like  finding and discovering something new the in DC area. Its like going on a treasure hunt and I can't wait for the next clue. This time,  my sister and I decided to head to the Textile Museum near Dupont Circle.

We particularly wanted to view the WEAVING ABSTRATION: Kuba Textiles and the Woven Art of Central Africa exhibit. We are from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a lot of the textiles that we represented and featured.  Its a great privilege to see my African heritage represented  through unique textiles and woven art in this museum it definitely tells a story and history from a different perspective.  We were not permitted to take photos however, I sneaked this one  above right before we headed in. Hehe.

The weather was interesting. One minute its windy and cold and  the next minute if you carefully snowflakes were beginning to fall. I wanted to take more photos in the garden however it was  extremely cold and snowing  and I could only manage this one.  For this outing, I wore three layers,  a thick patterned sweater over a grey cardigan and a long sleeved cotton shirt. I also wore my green pashmina scarf and jeans a staple for any weekend adventure and of course my favorite pair of ankle boots.  

 Don't we look so stylish!

I always have such a great time hanging with my sister.

Thank you for Reading.

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