CapFABB meetup: Madewell Georgetown

Silvia Huezo, Red-Hue Boutique

Last week Tuesday, I had the privilege of attending my very first CapFABB meetup at Madewell Georgetown. I had a chance with to catch up with my friend Silvia Huezo of Red Hue Boutique. I also had the change to meet many other fabulous bloggers in the area. It's a pleasure being a part of a community of fashion and beauty lovers just like me.

StolenMannequin/ItGirlAllure/Archetype Style/RobretteVaden/ElanRenegadeVintage/Stamp on Style/HeartPrint&Style/CuriousChase/LiveHiUp/HighHeeledTraveler/ aloyallove/ thehyperbalist/Alejandra

Can't wait for many more CapFABB meetups in 2012.

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